Sukuna exudes evil in the Bandai figure, review

Sukuna exudes evil in the Bandai figure, review

Sukuna exudes evil in the Bandai figure

Among the new Tamashii Nations proposals that is arriving in stores this hot summer 2022 is this statue dedicated to Sukuna, the main antagonist taken from the hit series Jujutsu Kaisen. The line to which this splendid figure belongs is called Figuarts Zero and depicts various characters taken from the best Japanese animated series, this in particular is the second release among those dedicated to the Tokyo Institute of Occult Arts.

The Character

Ryomen Sukuna called only Sukuna, is a powerful cursed spirit known as the undisputed King of Curses. According to an ancient legend, Sukuna was a demon similar to a human with four arms and two faces, while in reality he was the vengeful spirit of a sorcerer who lived during the main era of witchcraft. The sorcerers after defeating him decided to cut off his twenty fingers and seal them as cursed talismans, hoping that one day these talismans would be destroyed. In the present, the fearsome demon has reincarnated in Yuji Itadori because the latter ate one of his cursed fingers, giving it about 4/20 of his power.


With a slightly smaller box than the previous release (which we have already reviewed) the product is truly extraordinary. In the title page we have a classic showcase that lets us glimpse the content, while on all the other sides we have graphics and representations of the figures portrayed in various angles. In the back, the most beautiful images are collected that allow us to admire the double configuration of Sukuna, with the interchangeable parts that are placed next to the character inside the blister. Once the blister has been removed from the cardboard wrapping, the statue is still wrapped inside a transparent plastic sheet and once this is removed too we can finally see the demon in all its magnificent splendor.

Sukuna Figuarts Zero

Sukuna is made entirely of PVC and has an overall height of approximately 13 cm. The figure does not reach exaggerated dimensions, in fact, as we can see from the photos, the character is represented while sitting on his throne of bones, already seen several times during the series. Sukuna wears a light colored kimono with a black border, a scarf and black stockings. Currently, his appearance is similar to the host he is in, but with marks on his forehead, nose, cheeks and torso. In general, the sculpt is well made with great attention to the creation of the clothes and the face but also to the bone throne which is full of incredible details. In the first pose, we see Sukuna with a smiling face and her right hand resting on her chin, while in the second pose the face changes with a look almost of contempt and opposition with the fingers of her right hand pointing upwards.


Also with this second release, Tamashii Nations shows us that he is able to churn out an endless quantity of proposals while maintaining very high quality. Jujutsu Kaisen is now popular all over the world and in the coming months we will be able to increase our collection thanks to the new arrivals. Sukuna broke into our hearts, thanks to a pose that increases the visual impact by approaching very well alongside Itadori Yuji, the first release.

The figure of Sukuna Figuarts Zero will soon be available at retailers ad a suggested price of around € 79.90. Tamashii Nations products are distributed in Italy by Cosmic Group.

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