Kraven's past will be at the center of Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt

Kraven's past will be at the center of Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt

Kraven's past will be at the center of Spider-Man

Kraven the Hunter is one of the Spider's legendary enemies, thanks to that cult known as Kraven's Last Hunt. Waiting to see the lethal hunter arrive at the cinema, at Marvel they have decided to give new luster to the character, with a miniseries that tells about aspects that have never been revealed to date and that could rewrite the myth. Reason why, on the occasion of San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Comics has announced Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt, a miniseries that will reveal new aspects of Kraven's past.

Marvel announces the return of J.M. DeMatteis with Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt

Kraven is one of Spider-Man's most beloved villains, the latest heir to a Russian family of skilled hunters, Sergej Kravinoff was raised according to a strict moral code based on strength, honor and personal worth, with hunting as the focus of this particular ethic. After proving his prowess as a hunter, Sergej ultimately decided to hunt down the most dangerous prey, Spider-Mna, resulting in a rivalry that culminated in the dramatic Kraven's Last Hunt, a story made by J.M. DeMatteis and Mike Zeck. Therefore, it could not be that DeMatteis recounted a new chapter in Kraven's past.

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Marvel Comics' presentation of Spider-Man: The Lost Hun t suggests that the miniseries will be an epochal event:

“J.M DeMatteis weaves new webs on passed, this time teaming up with Eder Messias. Uncovering mysteries and uncovering secrets that Spidey fans have long awaited, let's get ready to explore the roots of what made Kraven the Hunter the mighty villain we know. As Peter Parker and Mary Jane prepare to start a new life in Portland, a man from Kraven's past stalks them. Who is this mysterious individual and what does he want from Spider-Man? Find out by going back to the period after Spider-Man: The Final Adventur, when Peter Parker was without powers! "

The first issue of Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt, with the cover of Ryan Brown, will be released on the US market in November.

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