Marvel announces X-Men: Hellfire Gala

Marvel announces X-Men: Hellfire Gala

Marvel announces X-Men

Within the new course of the new mutant course started by Jonathan Hickman with House of X / Powers of X, one event in particular highlighted the new existence of the X-Men on Krakoa: the Infernal Gala. An epochal event that gave a new boost to the existence of mutants, the Infernal Gala had important consequences, such as the colonization of Mars or the events recounted in The Process of Magneto and Hell. An importance that prompted Marvel to want to follow up on this moment, showing it in another aspect with X-Men: Hellfire Gala.

Marvel Comics announces X-Men: Hellfire Gala

In X-Men: Hellfire Gala we will not witness this shocking moment of the Marvel Universe seen from the perspective of the mutants, but from that of other beloved characters of the House of Ideas, heroes and villains at the same time. As happened before, fashion will play an essential role in X-Men: Hellfire Gala, as artist Russel Dauterman revealed to

“I know so thrilled to have to do all this. My main thought in bringing the Gala designs to life was that they were haute couture superhero costumes, reflecting the characters' dispositions, that they could be functional even in a battle "

Dauterman then made the costumes of characters like Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, Black Widow and Wolverine, who will take part in this story written by Gerry Duggan, which will kick off with X-Men: Hellfire Gala # 1, the first one shot of a seventy page to come on the American market next June 29.

Dautermann also presented some of the looks created for this event.| ); }
“My idea was to make a more dramatic and futuristic version of the Spider-Man costume. The costume has a strong dark cut, with the symbol of the pulsating spider and pop inserts "

" I made several variations of this as a costume, but I prefer it as a tights, slender and sexy, but also stealth. The mask on the face is a reminder of the first appearance of Natasha Romanoff ”

“Doom is usually a character over the top, so I wanted to capture elements that enhance this aspect, choosing a baroque, regal aspect. He then shows a fur cloak with a train, a Roman-inspired toga and a decorative mask "

Dazzler, Jubilee, Boom-Boom and Wolverine go grindhouse in X-Terminators

Marvel has announced that four of the fiercest X-Men are about to have a night they’ll never forget as writer Leah Williams (Trial of Magneto) and artist Carlos Gomez (Amazing Spider-Man Beyond) take Dazzler, Jubilee, Boom-Boom and Wolverine on a chaotic ride through a dark corner of Marvel’s underworld in the grindhouse-inspired limited series X-Terminators.


In typical X-Men fashion, what starts as a wild night out gets even crazier when Jubilee, Boom-Boom, and Dazzler are kidnapped and put into elaborate death traps by a mysterious new army of enemies! What are three fierce mutants with the power to blow things up to do? Expect a hardcore, neon-fueled, down and dirty type of adventure unlike any seen before in X-Men history with all the light blasts, fireworks, time bombs, and brawling you can possibly hope for! 

“I’m excited about how gleefully transgressive this book is—it’s sexy, stupid, and chaotic,” Williams said. “One of my favorite moments in the making-of this book was Jordan [D. White] asking, ‘What do you think… Parental Advisory for this book? Or just T+?… I am leaning PA.’”

“I’m eager to be working on X-Terminators with Leah!” Gómez added. “She’s an incredible writer and always delivers fun and engaging stories and this title is no exception! Did I mention it’s action-packed? Also, X-Men has been one of my favorite series and it’s always cool to be back in the X-Family!”


X-Terminators #1 will go on sale in July.


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