Garden hoses | The best of 2022

Garden hoses | The best of 2022

With the advent of summer, it is practically customary to buy gardening products, which allow you to take care of all kinds of gardens. Usually, a user prefers to buy items designed to improve the growth of a plant or to take a hydroponic cultivation system, neglecting the maintenance of the accessories already supplied, as in the case of garden hoses.

Read also: Sprinklers garden | The best of 2022 A garden hose, in fact, should last 5 to 10 years. The tendency is to purchase an inexpensive product or a product with a not particularly high quality / price ratio, which end up being replaced in a few years after the purchase. For this reason, it is always recommended to buy a product that, first of all, guarantees excellent durability and at the same time integrates a series of functions that can improve (and even speed up) the watering operation.

In this article, therefore, we are going to illustrate what are the best garden hoses on the market, starting from economic solutions (noteworthy ed.) to premium ones. Our point of reference is Amazon, as it guarantees not only fast shipping, but also a flawless after-sales guarantee. We wish you a good reading and a good shopping!

The best garden hoses

Gardena Comfort Flex - 18030-20 Hose reel Amazon Brand - Umi QacQoc Extensible Garden Hose Avyvi Expandable Garden Hose 30 meters TheFitLife Hose 22 meters

Gardena Comfort Flex - 18030-20

Let's start the guide in question with an economical product, such as the Gardena Comfort Flex garden hose. First of all, it features a Power-Grip profile, which guarantees an optimal connection between fitting and pipe. In addition, thanks to the innovative anchoring system, the pipe and fitting grip each other, like gears, to ensure an always optimal water pressure in all circumstances. The hose is resistant to pressure despite an apparently rigid shape, but at the same time flexible.

Amazon Brand hose reel - Umi

Umi, an Amazon brand, develops creative and at the same time functional products, characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio. Among his creations we also find the garden hose reel with multifunction spray gun with seven modes, two male connectors (1-2 "and 3-4") and a knob. Inside it has a hose that can extend to a maximum length of ten meters and also guarantees excellent durability over time.

QacQoc Tubo Extensible Garden Hose

The QacQoc expandable garden hose is another product to consider, because it has a resistant 3-layer natural latex and is very easy to store in the special compartment contained in the package. The original length of this pipe is 5 meters, however it can rapidly expand three times up to fifteen meters after the injection of water. The connections are made entirely of copper, which allows to guarantee a good resistance over time. Inside the package there are a garden hose, a spray nozzle with ten functions, a storage hook, a case, a 3/4 "and 1/2" adapter, two rubber rings and the usual manual. use.

Avyvi 30 meters expandable garden hose

Another roll-up product, therefore also expandable, is the hose garden made by Avyvi. It is an article that uses a special air chamber developed with materials that are safe for plant safety. The fabric of which the tube is formed was made with a particular material that is resistant and durable over time. In addition, it has an end-to-end mechanism complete with locking clips and special sheaths to disperse the build-up of pressure. Inside the package there are a flexible hose expandable up to thirty meters, a flexible hose connection, a water gun, a 1 × 1/2 "adapter, a 1 × 3/4" adapter and a case for storing the hose.

TheFitLife 22 meter hose

Lightweight, compact, super light, portable and foldable. These are the characteristics of one of the best garden hoses on the market, simply called TheFitLife hose. It is a traditional flexible product that has a total length of 22 meters, and is lined with an outer fabric made from the strongest polyester. It also boasts solid brass fittings that guarantee not only excellent performance but can withstand temperatures from 5 ° C to 45 ° C. Inside the package, like all the products of this market segment, in addition to the extendable tube, there are also all the accessories necessary to carry out the do-it-yourself jobs.

How to choose the best garden hoses

The review of the best products will surely have dictated what are the characteristics sought in the best garden hoses. However, if you want to buy one without any advice, we list below what are the specifications, namely:

Length and extensibility Materials Flexibility Accessories

Length and extensibility

Which are the two most important specifications of garden hoses? Certainly the length and extensibility. We are talking about basic concepts for a hose, since it allows the user to reach areas to be watered from the water tap. There are various sizes on the market, but basically there are those of 5, 10, 20 and 25 meters. The price varies according to the length purchased and it is not certain that a longer length brings greater benefits.

Our advice is to buy a hose of the optimal size for your garden, as the length increases so is the weight to carry and, in some cases, lower performance. Consequently, it is always advisable, for large gardens, to purchase several medium-sized garden hoses, in order to reach every corner without the need to encounter the problem of low water pressure.

L Another tip is to buy extendable tubes, as they allow you to have an advantage for those who need a small surplus of length in case of need.


In addition to the two specifications described above , you must also choose the material that makes up your next purchase. There are two types on the market, namely:

Vinyl. They are characterized by a radial thread and are particularly cheap and light, but at the same time they are less resistant than their counterpart. In fact, vinyl products tend to fold in on themselves and are susceptible to low and high temperatures. Eraser. This material gives rubber hoses greater durability than vinyl hoses, but is more costly. In addition to this, the pipes made of this material are resistant to high temperatures and, therefore, are recommended for all seasons and for constant work all year round.


Another extremely important point is flexibility. Hoses don't carry all those knot and corner problems with them, which is why they are easier to rewind after use. Clearly, the greater the flexibility, the greater the risk of kinking the pipe, resulting in a loss of useful life. Those who want to buy a quality hose should opt for those in reinforced rubber, since they guarantee a longer life and are less exposed to the aforementioned problems.


What are the accessories of a garden hose? We can represent them by couplings and quick couplings. They are nothing more than the ends of a tube, which allow you to connect the rubber to the tap or to a spray nozzle different from the standard one. The plastic ones are cheap and less durable, and in fact we recommend the purchase of metal ones (usually made of brass), which guarantee greater performance.

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