Dragonlance: a new playtest available online

Dragonlance: a new playtest available online


A new playtest for Dragonlance for the Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons arrives online a few days after the official announcement of D&D Direct.

Heroes of Krynn Revisited is the new Unearthed Arcana (UA) released on the day of yesterday and unveiled some new gameplay changes that could find a place within the pages of Dragonlance - Shadow of the Dragon Queen later this year.

Dragonlance - Shadow of the Dragon Queen will see players immersed in a scenario of epic large-scale battles and will present an entirely new story set during the War of the Lance. The campaign will be disconnected from the series of novels and the exploits of its iconic characters, however, according to what has been declared in recent days, in the new manual there will be the appearance of excellent cameos of a couple of historical villains.

As Unearthed Arcana also this iteration of Heroes of Krynn is material that Wizards of the Coast submits for free to its community in order to test it.

Based on the indications released by the players, the publisher will make its considerations on the to include or not such content in the actual edition of the game manuals.

You can find the Heroes of Krynn Revisited pdf at this link.

Heroes of Krynn Revisited: What has changed?

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the kender the background the talents

Kender: a return to the origins

The new version of the kender present in this UA has been designed taking inspiration from the first version of this lineage, characterized by a total absence of fear and an incredible curiosity.

The kender presented in Heroes of Krynn Revisited are immune to the fearless condition, they will have a skill to choose between stealth, investigate , intuition, quickness of hand and survival (kender curiosity) and the ability to verbally provoke enemies in order to give your target disadvantage on attack rolls until the start of the next turn (taunt).

Background: war molds heroes

Sono The backgrounds of the Knight of Solamnia (Knight of Solamnia) and the Mages of High Sorcery (Mages of High Sorcery) have been maintained, which have been expanded and enhanced: players who assign one of these two traits to their character will gain two talents additional (one at the first and one at the fourth level). The choice of these bonus talents will have to be made from two specific lists.

The reason? Dragonlance - Shadow of the Dragon Queen will be a campaign completely focused on the War of the Lance and in a similar scenario the designers thought that the idea of ​​a character earning specific talents related to the war context was something quite coherent and distinctive.

At the first level you can choose between:

Divinely Favored (talent introduced in this UA) Skillful (Player's Handbook) Robust (Player's Handbook)
Adept of the Black Robes (talent introduced in this AU) Adept of the Red Robes (talent introduced in this AU) Adept of the White Robes (talent introduced in this AU) ) Knight of the Crown (talent introduced in this AU) Knight of the Rose (talent introduced in this AU) Knight of the Sword (talent introduced in this AU) Alertness (Player's Handbook) War Spellcaster (Player's Handbook) Mobility ( Player's Handbook) Sentinel (Player's Handbook)

The many talents of Heroes of Krynn Revisited

As anticipated by the section dedicated to Background Heroes of Krynn Revisited presents a consistent list of new specific talents for this game setting / campaign.

Without dwelling on the description of each of them (you can read them in English at this link) these new talents refer to the two lists of talents linked to the background of the Knight of Solamnia and the Wizard of High Witchcraft. Among the various customizations we want to focus on the Divinely Favored talent, which will confer a special bond with the divine sphere.

Divinely Favored gives a trick of your choice from the list of clerical spells, a first-level spell based on the alignment of your character (good - cleric's list, neutral - druid's list, evil - warlock's list) and the Omen spell.

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