Sky and NOW: the main news from 1st to 7th May

Sky and NOW: the main news from 1st to 7th May

Sky and NOW

May is about to arrive and is preparing to be another month full of news brought by Sky and NOW. Between TV series and films, the schedule will expand considerably, leaving viewers glued to the screen. Let's find out together the main new titles that will be available from 1st to 7th May 2022.

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Sunday 1st May


The longest-running live action series on US television, by NBCU and signed by Dick Wolf, is back with its twenty-third season. Captain Olivia Benson, played by award-winning Mariska Hargitary, is ready to get back to work with her team, the New York Police Special Unit, to restore justice to the victims of particularly deplorable crimes: sexual offenses.


John Malkovich and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in a post apocalyptic action scenario. A year and a half after the fall of civilization due to a viral epidemic, society is dominated by the spread of crime. In this context, a former FBI agent is forced to protect a young woman, immune to the virus, from a dangerous gang leader who is hunting her.


He is the DAMS, she is Alice, a thirteen year old girl, her eternal childhood and play friend. Their story is a fable whose symbolism revolves around an ideal hide-and-seek never really completed. On the occasion of his first fifty years of life, he learns that she is looking for him, that she wants to know more about him, his past and his present. He then decides to tell her his story and open up her "kingdom" to her. But above all, this is the opportunity to restart the hide and seek left in suspense and prove to Alice that she was wrong. The DAMS will do this by showing you how far and what results you have achieved in these fifty years. Just by remaining a child. Who are you? Why were you born? Why right here? And what are your teen's stories? To these ideal questions of Alice the DAMS will try to answer. The answer will come by opening the doors of one's world to the girl's curious gaze. Thus begins a journey, a sort of "treasure hunt / childhood hunt" in which you set out on the trail of Dams, its history and the characters that made it great.


An intimate and private look at the personal life and not only of one of the most loved and followed champions of Mixed Martial Arts, entered in the history of Sport because he simultaneously holds two world titles, Champion of Lightweight and Featherweights.

Monday 2nd May



Documentary that traces the life of the motorcycle rider Tonino Benelli, who lived in the early part of the twentieth century, during the two world wars. The youngest of six brothers, Tonino is known for being one of the founders of the legendary Pesaro motorcycle manufacturer. Benelli's motorcycle career, marked by successes and triumphs, but also by disappointments, comes to life in the images and footage of the archive and above all in the historical reconstructions in which Alessandro Gimelli plays the motorcyclist. While the voice of Neri Marcoré accompanies the story about Tonino Benelli, the pilot with a short life, but lived at great speed.


The explorer Steve Backshall accompanies us to the discovery of unexplored territories, where he engages in extreme challenges, encounters extraordinary wild creatures and incredible peoples. In this new series, we follow the British naturalist as he rafts the Himalayas, traverses the jungles of South America and climbs the mountains of the Middle East.

Tuesday, May 3


Who was Mary Magdalene really? And why did that confusing, fascinating sequence of representations that led to the construction of her multifaceted identity arise and develop? Through some of the most precious and fascinating works of art dedicated to her, the Maddalena exhibition. The mystery and the image, at the San Domenico Museums in Forlì - curated by Cristina Acidini, Paola Refice, Fernando Mazzocca - intends to investigate the unsolved mystery of a woman named Maria who still worries and fascinates.

Wednesday 4th May


With the narrating voice of Drusilla Foer and the Olympic Theater Orchestra directed by Beatrice Venezi, this small opera written in 1918, at the dawn of the epidemic of Spanish, it's a war story. A composition with a very strong impact, but "light", with extraordinary orchestration and profound dramaturgy, after having made its debut in the theater, now arrives on television. The story of the Soldier who sells the violin and his soul to the Devil in exchange for a wealth that will deprive him of everything reflects the loss of references and represents a search for meaning in time and space.

Thursday 5th May


Second chapter of the saga in which puzzles and traps become terrifying. Zoey and Ben are the only ones to have survived a deadly series of Escape Room, a sadistic game for rich viewers organized by the Minos group. The two believe they have discovered the group's headquarters and, following the clues gathered, intend to challenge Minos and uncover their business. But unbeknownst to them, Minos watches over them and has terrible new plans for them.

Friday May 6th

DEVILS 2 - EP. 5-6

The highly anticipated international financial thriller by Sky Original continues, starring Alessandro Borghi and Patrick Dempsey, based on the bestseller "The devils" by Guido Maria Brera and set in the Olympus of high finance. It's been four years since Massimo Ruggero managed to thwart Dominic Morgan's plan, paying with Sofia's death, but conquering the throne of NYL Bank. Massimo is now collaborating with a group of Chinese investors who are fighting a silent war against the United States for technological domination, exploiting a very powerful new weapon: big data. In 2020, with the arrival of the pandemic, the China-US clash is getting louder and Massimo is forced to take sides, facing an old friend: Dominic.


This docu-film by Alessandro Preziosi is a visual, historical, but above all emotional journey into one of the hearts of the physical and psychic history of our country, earthquakes. Alessandro Preziosi, who gives voice and actor presence to the film, was a very young witness to the earthquake in Irpinia, in 1980. His journey takes us to Belìce, struck in 1968, then to Friuli, Assisi, L'Aquila, Amatrice . Earthquakes, but also experiences, humanity, reconstructions. Combining extraordinary archive documents with exceptional testimonies, such as those of Erri De Luca, Francesco Merlo, Giulio Sapelli, Vittorio Sgarbi, Mario Cucinella, Pierluigi Bersani, Angelo Borrelli and Grazia Francescato, with passages and filming in places of strong symbolic value , like Gibellina's cretto eternalized by the genius of Alberto Burri, the film draws a surprising map of something that has always touched us deeply.


VOL. 1 MIDNIGHT MADNESS - Friday 6 May at 9.15 pm. From The Rocky Horror Picture Show to The Big Lebowski, this fascinating documentary explores and celebrates the greatest cult films of all time about the birth of "midnight movies".

VOL. 2 HORROR AND SCI-FI - Friday 13 May at 9.15 pm. The greatest cult horror and science fiction films of all time are studied in great detail in the second volume of Time Warp. The documentary includes revolutionary classics such as Night of the Living Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and science fiction gems such as Blade Runner and A Clockwork Orange.

VOL. 3 COMEDY AND CAMP - Friday 20 May at 9.15 pm. The final volume of Time Warp reveals the greatest cult comedies and campy classics of all time. From Fast Time at Ridgemont High and Office Space to Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Showgirls.

Saturday May 7


Second film success for the Youtubers Sofia Scalia and Luigi Calagna, here engaged in a fun fantasy adventure, which has become the Italian production with the highest grossing in 2021. Guests of the inauguration party of a school, Sofì and Luì come blackmailed by the perfidious Mr. S. To save their friend Pongo from a terrible spell they will have to find a precious relic.


Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 May Sky Cinema Collection celebrates all mothers with a program of more than 20 films. Among these we point out: THE FIRST BEAUTIFUL THING by Paolo Virzì with Micaela Ramazzotti and Stefania Sandrelli who play a mother in two different moments of life; MADRES PARALELAS by Pedro Almodóvar in which fate forever binds the lives of two women, including Penélope Cruz, awarded with the Volpi Cup; the sentimental comedy BECAUSE MOM TELLS YOU with Diane Keaton as a loving but overprotective mother; the touching Sky Original BLACKBIRD in which a family reunites to be next to their seriously ill mother, played by Susan Sarandon; Susan Sarandon returns in MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS with Sharon Stone, Mira Sorvino and Christina Ricci in which the unwanted pregnancy of a photographer is the center of a mosaic of stories dedicated to the relationship between mothers and daughters; the musical based on the songs of Abba MAMMA MIA! with Meryl Streep; and the comedy MOTHER'S DAY directed by Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman) and starring Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts where Mother's Day intertwines the fates of 4 women between loves and secrets to hide.


In the years following the Civil War, the ancestors of documentarian Peter Kunhardt collected a treasure trove of photographs, rare books and other artifacts relating to Abraham Lincoln. Over the decades, their descendants carried on the work, helping to preserve an essential part of the American past. Directed by Kunhardt - Emmy winner for HBO product JFK: In His Own Words - and Brian Oakes, this documentary explores his family's physical and emotional connection with the President, revealing a personal side of the immortal leader through a modern journey of discovery, obsession, depression and despair.

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