The best Apple Watches for every type of user

The best Apple Watches for every type of user

Anyone who deals with gadgets has no doubts: the Apple Watch is the best wearable device to accompany an iPhone. The real question is which version to choose. Last year, Apple unveiled the new edition of the watch, the Series 7. The company continues to sell the Series SE and the old Series 3, while the much-loved Series 6 received the welcome. These models are quite similar and have rotating functions. In this guide we try to advise you which model is best suited to each type of user and to understand if the old versions are worth their price.

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The best Apple Watch for most people Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE

Apple Once upon a time the mere fact that the Apple Watch SE existed was enough to irritate me. Apple launched the Series 6 and SE at the same time, but removed many of the more popular features from the latter, such as always-on electrocardiogram recordings. From our perspective, it would have made more sense to continue selling the Series 5 at a lower price.

Since then, however, Apple has reorganized the line. This mid-range smartwatch is probably the best option for most people. It has an improved Retina display, a faster processor than Series 3 or 5, a drop detector, larger memory, and a more powerful speaker. If you are looking for a smartwatch to give to your child or an elderly family member, this is the cheapest model among those with the Family Configuration.

from 298 € - buy on Amazon from 309 € - buy on Apple The Best Apple Watch Ever Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Let's face it: if you have to buy your first Apple Watch, chances are you'll keep it for a while. So maybe you should buy the newest model, the Series 7. The main feature of this smartwatch is the updated display (along with the new more vibrant colors). The screen area has increased by 20 percent and there is also a full-size keyboard, two factors that make it easier to read and write messages. Compared to previous models, recharging is also faster, a not inconsiderable aspect for a watch that must be recharged every day.

Many of the other functions are designed to make the Series 7 a better and more performing sports smartwatch . It resists dust and water better than any other Apple Watch, while updates to the algorithm have led to improvements in fall detection and greater accuracy in ebiking-related fitness metrics. The Series 7 is also the only Apple Watch in the current lineup equipped with the Ultra-WideBand chip, which can come in handy if you're using the watch to find AirTags.

Although there aren't any radical changes suggested by rumors, Apple has never made a watch that was not up to par, and the Series 7 also works very well.

from 395.10 € - buy on Amazon from 439 € - buy on Apple L 'Apple Watch to buy only when discounted Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Last year, the Series 6 was Apple's most-featured smartwatch. The watch boasted the largest number of sensors for tracking health, such as measuring the level of oxygenation in the blood and electrocardiogram. The Series 6 also charges faster than previous models (but not the Series 7), which is a must if you want to keep it on your wrist at night to track your sleep and then recharge it in an hour while you shower and breakfast before bed. go to work.

If you can find it for less than 400 euros it's still a great buy. However, it is necessary to point out that if you are looking for a cheaper smartwatch for a family member to use using the Family configuration, the oxygenation detection does not work if the user is under the age of eighteen or does not have a paired iPhone.

354,69 € - buy from Amazon 469,00 € - buy from Mediaworld The most essential Apple Watch Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch Series 3

AppleAfter its introduction in 2017, for years we have recommended the Apple Watch Series 3 as a basic fitness tracker that integrates well with the iPhone. Years after launch, Apple continues to sell the model. The Series 3 integrates with Fitness +, Apple's dedicated fitness streaming service, and your phone hassle-free, even receiving notifications. It is waterproof and has the famous Apple rings function. For a price around 200 euros it's a great basic fitness tracker, and you can also find it for a lower price.

Personally, I have a hard time recommending the Series 3 unreservedly. The watch still supports the latest version of WatchOs 8, but it is unclear when it will stop receiving updates. It is a more cumbersome and slower model than the later versions and there are no new features that attract attention, such as the electrocardiogram or fall detection (there are also those who report annoying reboots and other delays). While the SE is worth spending a little more from our point of view, the Series 3 is not a bad buy if you find it cheap.

from 229 € - buy on Amazon from 229 € - buy on Apple The Apple Watches to avoid Series 1 and 2

Apple Watch Series 1 and 2

Apple where you find them for sale on some site, it is likely not worth the money. Since the Family Configuration only works from Series 4 onwards, it is not possible to buy these models for particularly young or elderly family members. The Series 1 is not waterproof and neither smartwatch can connect to a cellular network. These models are also not compatible with WatchOS, which means that you will not be able to take advantage of many new features.

The essential accessories Apple Sport Loop

Apple The Series 7 could be the Apple Watch most durable made so far. In the last five years I have never had a chance to damage the face or case of a smartwatch. Given Apple's notoriously exorbitant service prices, however, repairing a watch costs almost as much as buying a new one. Therefore, perhaps you should consider purchasing a case or screen protector.

The largest and most expensive options are not always the best. If the case is too big, it will rattle in an annoying way every time you get a notification. Personally, I appreciate Spigen's Thin Fit case and Lk's protective film (the extra films come in handy in case you fail to apply it the first time). As for the straps, my favorite is Apple's nylon weave model. Since the battery life is still not the best, the advice is to also equip a power bank with an integrated Apple Watch charger, so as not to end up with a dead watch.

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