Turbo Overkill, the proven FPS that merges DOOM and Blade Runner

Turbo Overkill, the proven FPS that merges DOOM and Blade Runner

Turbo Overkill

These are golden years for shooter fans, for those players who grew up on bread and DOOM. Not only has the id Software saga returned to center stage with two great chapters, but the indie scene has also followed the renewed passion of modern audiences and has taken the opportunity to rediscover the past.

Now, Trigger Happy Interactive offers us its own version of shooters: Turbo Overkill. In this new but classic FPS we will launch into a cyberpunk world inspired by Blade Runner, but with the same style and the same violence typical of a real DOOM.

Turbo Overkill is already available in the Early Access version on PC, but it is also destined to arrive on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch at a date to be defined.

Let's not waste any more time and find out what are the points of strength of the game, in our tried and tested Turbo Overkill.

Jhonny the chainsaw man

Turbo Overkill's chainsaw is great for smashing enemies We are Jhonny Turbo, described officially as "half human, half machine, half mad". The game is set in Paradise, a cyber city that - of course - has nothing heavenly about it, especially after an AI known as Syn decided to take control and destroy what little sane was left. Turbo then accepts a tough job: destroying Syn and freeing Paradise.

The truth, however, is that the plot in Turbo Overkill is not too much needed. There is no shortage of some dialogue from time to time and some introductions, but each level is a playground of destruction and carnage.

Turbo is skilled in the use of guns (or at least as skilled as you are), but it also has another very important weapon on its side: a chainsaw inserted inside the legs. Turbo is not a random name and Overkill is the best way to describe any fight scene. Even at the lowest difficulties, in fact, you die quickly but you kill quickly, especially thanks to the chainsaw.

Not only is our character able, from the very first moment, to perform in the classic double jumps and double shots (even airplanes), but can slide to move at very high speed and tear most enemies to pieces on contact alone. You understand that we are talking about a game based first of all on movement and reactivity. Everything is chaotic, extremely dynamic and fast, between gunshots, double jumps and dodges to avoid enemy shots and brutal executions to detonate the meat that will be sent to meet us.

Levels and Upgrades

Turbo Overkill's enemies are monstrous and sci-fi The game is fairly classically divided into fairly different levels in this Early Access. Turbo gains various powers by advancing in the first areas, such as the ability to run along specific walls, so as to move between chasms. This has prompted developers to create closed, but not completely linear levels, although sometimes not for the best. In fact, both in the more platform phases and simply during the fighting, he happens to fall and find himself at the base of a level built vertically, and having to repeat the climb; or, you happen to find yourself spinning in circles not understanding exactly where to go, because only sometimes the game clearly indicates which direction is right.

Not a serious problem, but for the full version we would like a a little more readability for the game, which is sometimes fast enough to confuse ideas about where the right, left, bottom and top are.

But chaos is just what Turbo Overkill wants offer and succeeds very well. The weapons are on average very classic, but all very useful and interesting to use thanks to a second firing mode. The basic double Magnums, for example, allow you to aim at enemies and fire a homing shot. The Uzi can be combined to become a single rifle capable of aiming more precisely from a distance, the gatling transforms into a flamethrower and the shotgun allows you to load a sort of electric grenade that does damage and blocks enemies for a few seconds. These are obviously just a few examples and various weapons are to be found by exploring.

We will also have a flamethrower in Turbo Overkill To be particularly interesting are the upgrades, of which we have only seen a small part through our tried. Turbo Overkill allows us to enhance our character with a series of additional skills, such as the ability to bounce off walls thus gaining additional movements. Simpler but still interesting, they are a series of boosts to our offensive abilities: for example, we can heal life and armor at each kill with the chainsaw legs, which in reality risk being even too powerful.

By to get various bonuses, you have to spend in-game money, earned by killing enemies. The game therefore invites you to seek confrontation, even if not mandatory. In the levels, only a handful of fights are essential and on average it is possible to run from one point to another while dodging the opponents.

Each level also hides a series of collectibles, which also allow you to unlock additional levels. If you want to find and complete everything, Early Access already includes a good amount of content. There are also five difficulty levels, with the latter being really complex, with enemies doing 6.66 times the base damage, moving twice as fast and with almost zero healing. The challenge will not fail, in a nutshell, if you have the courage to test yourself.

Turbo Overkill is a dynamic, aggressive, varied shooter with a good amount of content already in this Early Access version. Sometimes it risks being a little more chaotic than necessary, but it's a risk when trying to make a FPS inspired by the latest DOOMs. It is certainly not original and we will have to see how it will evolve over the course of the AA, but for the moment the premises are excellent.


Dynamic and destructive at the right point Inspired by the classics in the way best DOUBTS For now it's just Early Access, how will it evolve? Have you noticed any errors?

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