Valorant Episode 4 Act 3, we tried Fade, the new operator that lurks in the shadows

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3, we tried Fade, the new operator that lurks in the shadows

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3

Starting April 27, 2022, Valorant players around the world will be able to begin discovering Episode 4 Act 3 of Riot Games' tactical shooter. As per tradition, this new season of the game coincides with many new features, some aesthetics, others that will change in a decisive way in gameplay. We are obviously talking about Fade, the new operator capable of acting in the shadows and temporarily disabling the abilities of enemies.

We previewed Fade and Episode 4 Act 3 of Valorant, so as to try to anticipate what will be the main innovations packed by Riot Games.

Let's discover Fade

Fade, the new agent of Valorant The new operator, Fade, is clearly the most interesting addition to this third act of the fourth episode of Valorant. She is an agent from Turkey, she is a wrecker and as mentioned she is quite good at spotting enemies and temporarily inhibiting their abilities. All while not giving up on some clashes, a mix that makes the new character a value addition to the game.

The developers have designed it to try to offer an alternative to Sova, the only other agent who makes the most of reconnaissance. The approach is to give the Turkish agent skills that impact a smaller area, but much more effective. Fade possesses the power of nightmares through which she takes possession of enemy secrets. In tune with terror, she hunts down targets and reveals their innermost fears ... and then drags them away into the dark.

This colorful description translates into the following abilities:

Torment (E) - USES a sphere enclosing a nightmare entity. SHOOT to launch the ball, which drops to the ground after a few moments. When it hits the ground, the sphere transforms into a nightmare entity, revealing the location of enemies within its field of vision. Enemies can destroy the entity. USE the ability AGAIN to drop the bullet early. Capture (Q) - USE a nightmare ink ball. SHOOT to launch the ball, which drops to the ground after a few moments. When it hits the ground, the ink explodes and creates an area from which enemies cannot escape by normal methods. USE the ability AGAIN to drop the bullet early. Predator (C) - USE a Predator. SHOOT to send the Predator forward in a straight line. As soon as an enemy or their trail enters the Predator's cone of vision, the Predator latches onto it, following the target and blurring them if it reaches it. HOLD FIRE to make the Predator curve in the direction of your reticle.

The powers of the shadow of Fade The Ultimate of Fade is called Twilight and is activated, obviously with X and is described as follows:

Twilight (X): USE the power of fear. SHOOT to launch a nightmare wave of energy that can pass through walls. The energy creates a trail that leads to enemies, who are deafened and deteriorated.

On the field Fade seems to be a valuable ally whether she acts alone or in a team. Thanks to its ability to reveal enemies, even if in a rather limited area, and the ability to stun them or disturb their field of vision it could be quite effective in any situation, both as a lone wolf thanks to the ability to slow down the opponent's movements, than as a vanguard for a coordinated attack with comrades. Now that the agent is published we will be able to discover its true value, that is, we will understand how players and pro players will be able to fully exploit its abilities, finding its strengths or weaknesses.

Battle Pass

The new RGB skins of Valorant With the new Act 3 a new line of skins and objects will debut, which will characterize the aesthetics of this phase of Valorant. According to Laura Baltzer, a producer at Riot Games, the .SYS line is a new take on an old classic. This line includes Vandal, Bucky, Sheriff, Stinger and a melee weapon. The model line with variants for this pass is Coalition: Cobra, which has a more realistic tone and look. Finally, there will be a Hue Change designed for players who can't choose whether to equip a pink or blue weapon.

Aside from what they say in Valorant, the .SYS line stands out for its bright neon colors, with decidedly flashy acid colors and suitable for all those who on PC cannot give up RGB of various kinds.

As always, these are aesthetic objects through which to customize your weapons and operators, who do not go anywhere way to affect gameplay or game balance.

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 continues in the groove created by Riot Games for these occasions. Fade is an interesting agent and - finally - a valid alternative to Sova, while the aesthetic additions of the new Battle Pass enrich the chromatic variety and style of each weapon and each fighter. An update, therefore, which does not change anything within the Riot Games tactical shooter, but which adds an interesting new piece to the game universe and a good variable within the gameplay.


Fade is an interesting agent Sova finally has an alternative DOUBTS No significant news Have you noticed any errors?

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