STALKER 2: the official website has been blocked in Russia

STALKER 2: the official website has been blocked in Russia


The war in Ukraine has led to several consequences in the video game industry. One of the development studios most affected by the conflict was certainly GSC Game World, which suspended work on STALKER 2 (also changing its name) and deciding to stop pre-order and actual sale in the territories of the Russian Federation. Now, as reported by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, the official website of the game has been blacked out in Russia.

The reasons behind the blackout? Never officially declared, but it's easy to see why. In fact, a banner has popped up on the official website of the game, asking for support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the Ukrainian Red Cross. Due to the censorship given by the Russian government, which prevents anyone from talking about the war (and using the same word), the Russian Federation was forced to censor the web page.

STALKER 2 is theoretically scheduled for December 2022, but at the moment the development of the game has been paused. According to some reports, GSC Game World would have transferred most of the staff to Prague, in order to complete the title, but due to the law that prevents men between 18 and 60 from leaving the country it is not clear how many developers have resumed development. . Other Ukrainian development studios would be looking to the Czech Republic as a port to continue their work.

‘Stalker 2: Heart Of Chornobyl’ website blocked in Russia

The website for GSC Game World’s upcoming Stalker 2 has now been blocked in Russia after the developer said that it would no longer sell its products in the country.

According to a report from RIA Novosti (Via VGC), the website has been blocked in Russia by an order from the prosecutor general’s office. The website can no longer be viewed by those in the country.

GSC Game World is based in Ukraine but has recently begun moving its offices to the Czech Republic. The information came from reports that the company was applying to open its business in the country. GSC Game World made the move after Russia invaded Ukraine, which forced the developer to push back the release date of Stalker 2.

To help aid Ukraine, GSC Game World announced that it would be launching a charity sale. All of the developer’s titles were discounted, and any money earned through the sale was to be donated to humanitarian organisations based in Ukraine. Overall the developer was able to donate £612,557.

Stalker 2: Heart Of ChernobylStalker 2: Heart Of Chernobyl. Credit: GSC Game World.

GSC Game World tweeted after the sale, saying, “The charity sale of GSC Game World games is over. Together with you, we’ve managed to raise more than $800,000. Thank you! After taxes and store commissions, all funds will be donated to the Come Back Alive Charitable Foundation. We will remember that. Always.”

The developer also updated the title of their upcoming game. Stalker 2: Heart Of Chornobyl now includes the Ukrainian spelling of the region instead of the previously used Russian one. During the same update, GSC Game World also announced that it would be cancelling all pre-orders of the game in Russia.

In other news, Sony is advertising a position for a PC planning and strategy senior director role, which suggests that the publisher is looking to put greater focus on its PC releases.

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