Shooter to buy | The best of 2022

Shooter to buy | The best of 2022

Of all the gaming genres on the market, fans have always had a penchant for unbridled action. This is why the shooter genre has always had its own unique charm on a huge slice of gamers. In the course of videogame history there have been many first and third person shooter sagas, which have contributed to evolving the genre towards new frontiers and forms of entertainment.

In this particular buying guide we will propose you some of the best shooters on the market. Among these sagas we find very recent games such as the new chapters of Call of Duty, DOOM or Far Cry (if you like Ubisoft games take a look at this other guide) but there are many other proposals that can be passed rather in muted like Titanfall 2 which is reputed by those who played it one of the best iterations of the young Respawn Entertainment saga.

The best shooters

Call of Duty Vanguard Battlefield 2042 DOOM Eternal Halo Infinite Wolfenstein Gears 5 Star Wars Battlefront II Rainbow Six Extraction Deathloop Titanfall 2

Call of Duty Vanguard

The COD saga offers every year an avalanche of hours and content to all fans of the FPS genre. With the new chapter Call of Duty Vanguard, Activision and the guys from Sledgehammer Games have brought fans back to the historical setting of World War II, offering an adrenaline-filled story set in the second great conflict. Obviously, there is no shortage of modes to play online, a great strength of the saga that pushes its community to spend endless hours among the online battlefields, and the Zombie mode, another flagship of the brand for several years now. iterations.

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Battlefield 2042

Best Shooters Battlefield 2042 has been out for several months now, and if you are looking for a shooter that offers a fully multiplayer experience this is the choice you will do well with. fall back. Between the usual maps from the great breadth up to a series of new online modes such as Portal or Hazard Zone, Battlefield 2042 wants to be one of the chapters with more content regarding multiplayer. In all this there is no shortage of content taken directly from some of the chapters most loved by fans, such as Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3.

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DOOM Eternal

DOOM Eternal, the latest installment of the beloved FPS series was developed by id Software with one goal: to create a fun, exhilarating adventure , violent and frantic. As the Slayer, an almost divine being, we must save the entire Earth from the demonic invasion. All that matters is the reaction speed, the movements calculated to the millimeter and the use of the best weapon suitable for different situations. We also remind you that you can find, in addition to the single player campaign, a multiplayer mode called Battlemode, specially designed to differentiate itself from the classic canons of online FPS and take advantage of the uniqueness of DOOM.

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Halo Infinite

Best Shooter Halo is one of the most important gaming brands in history. After the Master Chief Collection, now it's finally time to set off on a brand new adventure with Halo Infinite. The highly anticipated sixth installment of the main Xbox saga has been one of the most anticipated titles of recent years, and is finally available for everyone. In addition to being able to experience an exciting new single-player campaign, impersonating the beloved and legendary Master Chief, Halo Infinite offers a rich multiplayer packed with modes, maps, customizations and recurring seasonal events.

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Best Shooters Just like DOOM, Wolfenstein is an old FPS saga that has returned to the center of players' attention thanks in the care of a capable team like Machine Games. In both the first and second installments of this reboot series, the Nazis won the war and B.J. Blazkowicz together with his team of "rebels" decide to liberate Europe and the United States of America. Mixing irreverence, frenzy and gore, the new Wolfenstein saga entertains us with a plot full of twists and a fast-paced and always challenging gameplay. To fully enjoy this series of titles, we recommend purchasing the Wolfenstein Alternative History Collection, a unique package in which you can find both main chapters plus the prequel chapter The Old Blood and the cooperative multiplayer game Youngblood.

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Gears 5

The last chapter of the Gears of War saga vi puts in the shoes of Kait, a young co-star known in Gears 4. In addition to simply extraordinary graphics, Gears 5 is capable of entertaining up to more than 100 hours, thanks to the emotional and deep single-player campaign and its online sector , which between cooperative Horde and competitive mode, presents one of the most complete experiences on the market of modern shooters, in particular as regards third-person shooters cover shooter.

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Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II didn't get off to a great start, but let's face it, over the years it has become most likely the definitive Star Wars video game. Able to travel in all the environments we have seen and loved in the Skywalker saga. Although the multiplayer mode is the main part of the entire production, the campaign is well done and can entertain you satisfactorily for more than 7 hours. If you love Star Wars and online pitched battles, Star Wars Battlefront II is definitely for you!

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Rainbow Six Extraction

Best Shooters Ubisoft's support given to Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best in the entire gaming history, and after having found a resounding success, the transalpine company decided to experiment making the brand new Rainbow Six Extraction. The operators that we have come to know and love in Siege return to face a much more dangerous threat than the previous chapter, which is a series of monstrous biological weapons. In this team game you will have to go through a series of maps in the company of two other companions, to get more and more information about the infection and find a way to eradicate this new threat.

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»View Rainbow Six Extraction on eBay | 'is also Deathloop. The new work by Arkane Lyon marks the debut of this second Arkane team, and proves to be both an excellent first-person shooter and a stealth full of situations of various kinds to exploit to your advantage. The exclusive PlayStation 5 will make you live and relive a loop that you will have to break at any cost by eliminating and knowing every secret of the eight targets to be eliminated.

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Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 did not achieve the success it deserved and forced Respawn to step away (at least temporarily) from the saga and to opt for Apex Legends. Despite this, its gameplay is top notch and the single player campaign offers one of the best stories in modern shooters. Furthermore, let's not forget the presence of an online multiplayer perfected in the first chapter, born from the mind of the father of Modern Warfare.

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Shooter for all tastes

A videogame genre can contain an infinite number of variables and shades. If you love shooters you will surely know that the two big strands are first person games and those from the third person perspective. Between historical sagas of the past and more modern brands, a large number of shooters come out every year. There really is something for everyone, from those who love to try their hand at titles with a high adrenaline rate, to titles with significantly more variable rhythms that add some stealth meanings to the gameplay formula; in short, whether you are a veteran or a novice of the genre, this guide will surely have helped you find a game to add to your collection.

How we have chosen the best shooters of this guide

Precisely because the shooters have a great variety on their side, we thought of creating a guide according to these criteria.

Classic first-person shooters

The classics of the genre today are the various Call of Duty and Battlefield, two of the strongest and healthiest franchises not only for FPS but also in the whole industry. Although some chapters of these two series have been more or less experimental in the settings, the gameplay proposed by Activision and EA always remains immediate and accessible to all. If you love faster online games COD is perfect for your need, while if you want to immerse yourself in immense battlefields with huge armies the choice falls in a very natural way on Battlefield.

Great classics in modern times

There are also those like DOOM and Wolfenstein who invented and evolved the shooter genre. These historical sagas have not remained anchored to the past, but Bethesda together with their studies have been able to revive the two brands even today in a way that is nothing short of phenomenal. The new DOOM and Wolfenstein have a lot of classic DNA, but the most recent productions are bursting with modernity and frenzy from all pores. Whether you choose the demonic adventures of the DOOM Slayer or the Nazi slaughter of JB Balszkowic know that you will have in your hands two perfect examples of modern FPS that fully embrace the glorious past of this genre.

Shooter in third person

If you don't like first person, there are great third person shooters out there. Among the most popular is the Gears of War saga, a great Microsoft exclusive that in the various iterations has been able to increase and cultivate a large community very loyal to the brand. In addition to an adrenaline-pumping campaign full of twists, the recent Gears 5 will offer endless hours of online content. The online multiplayer sector is one of the flagships of The Coalition's production, and in this fifth chapter you will find everything a third-person FPS lover needs.

FPS for all your needs

In addition to these titles mentioned, we have included a variety of other noteworthy titles in the guide to demonstrate how this genre offers something for everyone. If you are a super fan of the Star Wars saga you will find bread for your teeth in the latest Batlefront II by DICE, if you love stealth there is the very recent Deathloop; a title that has its narrative and gameplay fulcrum in time loops. If, on the other hand, you love big sci-fi worlds to explore there is the Halo saga and the magnificent Titanfall 2, which has one of the most interesting mechanics on the square in mechs. Finally, if you love team play, you can give the still very popular Rainbow Six Siege a chance; one of the most popular online titles of the last generation.

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