Best silent portable dehumidifier: which one to choose

Best silent portable dehumidifier: which one to choose

Best silent portable dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is one of the most used appliances during the winter but not only - since it can make the rooms of the house healthier by removing the annoying humidity that can form in the environment in the most disparate conditions, and making both low temperatures more bearable. than the high ones.

Who needs the portable dehumidifier In addition, these devices can be useful when hanging freshly washed clothes, accelerating the drying process indoors, they can help those suffering from muscle or bone pain. Some models also have integrated air purification functions, which specifically combat the formation of mold and fungi on the walls or remove dust and allergens by trapping them in special filters - to the advantage of allergy sufferers (even if for them the advice is to think about an ad hoc device)

How to choose the portable dehumidifier Not all devices are the same, of course, and as for all product categories, even that of dehumidifiers is characterized by key specifications that define their usefulness in various usage scenarios.

The dimensions of the device must be carefully evaluated to understand how easily it will be transportable and above all if it will represent a sustainable footprint within the rooms where it will be placed. The power of the motor underlying the condensation process has an impact not only on the effectiveness of the product, but also on energy consumption. The tank capacity indicates how often the device will need maintenance, and for particularly humid environments it should be higher. Noise is one of the criteria adopted for choosing the best devices below: it is measured in decibels and decrees whether the dehumidifier can be used in a bedroom or living room, without disturbing those in the room. The extra functions can represent a preferential criterion or not, according to the needs: from special modes for night use to the ionizer. The best portable dehumidifiers Finding your way around all the features boasted by individual manufacturers is not easy, which is why we have compiled a list of the best products in circulation on which it is worth thinking about even in 2022. The primary criterion is that of noise, while in the list there is no lack of variety from the point of view of dimensions and prices.

Electrolux EXD20DN4W AmbiFlex (Photo: Electrolux)

The Electrolux EXD20DN4W AmbiFlex model is presented with a case shape it measures 35 x 24.5 x 51 centimeters for a weight of 16.62 kg and can be moved by means of wheels for the various environments, also acting on large rooms up to 44 square meters, with a dehumidification capacity of 16 liters per day . On board there is a 3 liter tank and double condensate drain system. It produces 46 decibels of noise.

259 € - buy on amazon Olimpia Splendid Aquaria Slim 14 P (Hole: Olimpia Splendid)

Despite being the size of a travel trolley and weighing 9.5 kg , the Olimpia Splendid dehumidifier model Aquaria Slim 14 P is easily transportable around the various rooms thanks to the swivel wheels and is only 185 mm thick. It is able to dehumidify up to 14 liters of water per day by using the continuous condensate drain or by means of a removable two-liter tank. The declared sound level is 42 decibels.

164,90 € - buy on amazon DeLonghi DNS80 Tastilo AriaDry (Photo: DeLonghi)

With dimensions equal to 19.2 x 34 x 50, 1 centimeter per 2 kg of weight, the DeLonghi DNS80 Tastilo AriaDry model can remove up to 7.5 liters of humidity from the home per day with a silence of 34 decibels, so that it can also be used at night. On board there is also an ionizer that fills the air with beneficial negative ions and also can reduce the presence of dust and pollen.

322.89 € - buy on amazon Inventor Eva Ion (Photo: Inventor)

Inventor Eva Ion can guarantee up to 12 liters of moisture removal per day by producing 44 decibels of noise and collecting water in a two liter tank which can also show the water level, protecting against spills accidental. There is also an ionizer on board that deals with bacteria, smoke and other bad smells.

140.99 € - buy from amazon ProBreeze (Photo: ProBreeze)

Finally, for whom you are looking for a small portable and silent dehumidifier you can focus on the ProBreeze proposal which collects up to 250 ml of humidity per day and is therefore dedicated to very small environments, such as for example also campers or caravans.

37.99 € - buy on amazon

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