The Jundo news for May 2022

The Jundo news for May 2022

The Jundo news for May 2022 have just been revealed, including You're Good (Kuaikan Comics) chosen by the Jundo editorial staff as the title of the month! This month, in addition to the 5 new titles coming out, we are pleased to confirm the start of distribution in the comic store, on MangaYo and on online retailers for Of Machines and Beasts, Forelsket and The Universe in which you live. All three titles will be released on May 4th.

The Jundo news for February 2022

The Jundo news for May 2022

Guwei Nanting - The Last Dynasty by Mof Fei - Kuaikan Comics - China

Release: May 6, 2022

Webtoon (Mystery / Horror / Fantasy)

Number of episodes: 100 (complete)

Gao Ying, a chatty guy who just wants to hang out with Guangmei University, accidentally entered the Qing Dynasty Hotel in Nanting Village. He found himself embroiled in a mysterious dispute that began centuries ago. The sinner Yinting, the king of Zhennan of the Qing dynasty, remained alone for 300 years waiting for the chosen one who could completely seal the "Taisui". Was it just an accident or was it fate that brought them together? | ); }
Release: May 13, 2022

Webtoon (Fantasy / Sentimental)

Number of episodes: 69 (complete)

The police are in a panic! Strange things keep happening all over the city. A man takes his girlfriend hostage, a missing wife suddenly turns into a goddess of fortune… it will be the "Universal Love Bazar", which claims to be able to solve all love problems, the culprit behind all these strange accidents ?

A fascinating love story that blossomed between an impetuous witch who sells objects to resolve matters of the heart by traveling between dimensions and a diligent policeman!

Akaimisaki by Emanuele Ercolani - Noise Press - Italy

Released: May 16, 2022

Webcomic / Graphic Novel (Action / Drama)

On a battlefield full of corpses, a Warrior fights his battle against an infinite army. His sword and his honor of him are the only allies he has, but a hero forges his greatness of him in distress. Akaimisaki is a comic that tells how anyone can and must be an unshakable hero, if not for himself, at least for the people he loves.

The Constellation of Us by Long jiu - Kuaikan Comics - China

Release: May 20, 2022

Webtoon (Slice of life / Drama / Romance)

Number of episodes: 79 (in progress)

You Loved Me by Kuaikan Comics (China)

Released: May 27, 2022

Webtoon (Slice of life / Romance)

(28 episodes, 1st full season)

“I forgot all the math formulas, just to remind me that you loved me”. If we don't want to shed more tears on meeting again in the future, it would be better to leave sooner with no regrets. We had an important relationship, you disappeared for six long years and now you are back! Two people who clearly love each other, why should they act like strangers meeting after all this time? A love story with its ups and downs, which has lasted for 12 years, is about to begin.

You're Good by Kuaikan Comics (China)

Webtoon (Fantasy / Adventure / Action)

An accident caused Tang to fall out of favor Zheng. He went from being the best to the worst student and was pushed to enter the "haunted house". A chance encounter changes his fate. He bids farewell to his past and vows to live a different life when he discovers that his life span is limited after obtaining the "Holy Body of the Nine Yang".

About Jundo

Jundo is the exclusive Italian partner of Kuaikan Comics, the largest Chinese webtoon and entertainment platform of which it publishes over 20 works. Jundo was born from a team of 14 boys under 30, thanks to the victory of the Lazio Region call for "Fund for cultural and creative startups", with the aim of expanding the horizon of comics, allowing readers to get closer on the one hand to different styles and genres such as Chinese and Korean webtoons and on the other to emerging authors to arrive on the market with Jundo Original, avoiding the difficulties associated with self-production and distribution. On the Jundo Comics Shop readers will be able to purchase the paper versions of the Jundo Originals, the proceeds of which go entirely to the author.

The entire Jundo catalog can be used through the App and the official website with a monthly subscription of € 1.99. The first chapter of all the works is free for anyone who signs up. Paper Originals are also available in the Jundo Comics Shop, the proceeds of which, excluding shipping and printing costs, go entirely to the artist. It should be noted that with the new version of the app already available, which includes thematic carousels and more and more ways to discover new titles for all tastes, from 1 March all users who download the app will be able to take advantage of a free month of trial. Finally, again from March 1st, the annual subscription is available for 19.99 (therefore with a 20% discount).

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