X-Men '97: the number of episodes of the first season revealed?

X-Men '97: the number of episodes of the first season revealed?

X-Men '97

If you grew up with the legendary X-Men: The Animated Series (known in Italy as Gli Insuperabili X-Men) in the 90s, you are looking forward to the release of the animated series X-Men '97, an ideal follow-up to the popular animated series based on Marvel Mutant Comics. Writers Eric and Julia Lewald recently gave Sons of the Atom fans a welcome news: the number of episodes of X-Men '97.

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X-Men '97: episode number announced

Since its announcement in 2021, X -Men '97 is still a project shrouded in mystery. The occasion of an interview with Eric and Julia Lewald on Justin Underwood's Youtube channel was propitious to discover some details, including the number of episodes for the first season of X-Men '97.

"There is a deep admiration and affection for the whole group of people who are working on this series, starting from the top with Beau DeMayo as showrunner. And I think they have to face a big challenge, managing the 10 episodes that make up the first season, which should be out in the middle of next year, and they will start where ours left off "

Not only has the number been revealed of the episodes of X-Men '97, but for the first time a probable release window for the new mutant animated series is also mentioned. Eric and Julia Lewald, former writers of X-Men: The Animated Series, have confirmed that the new series dedicated to Marvel characters will have several references to their previous animated series, prompting fans to a real hunt for easter eggs. X-Men 97 will be a direct sequel to the 90s animated series, showing how the world of the X-Men has evolved since the finale.

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