Elden Ring | Boss Guide

Elden Ring | Boss Guide

Do the Elden Ring bosses make you damn? Here is a guide to finding them all with the strategy on how to defeat them, the tips to avoid being beaten up and all the rewards you can get by taking out these powerful enemies. This guide goes hand in hand with the complete guide with solution to the game that you can find here.

ATTENTION: The world of Elden Ring is full of many more or less big Bosses. In this guide we will only cover the really big bosses, i.e. those related to the game's trophies / achievements. Compared to these in fact, the minor bosses are really a walk to beat.

Look here for the complete guide to the game.

Margit, the Relentless Omen

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STRATEGY: Margit is truly relentless as she already senses her name. Her attacks are devastating, ferocious and deadly. If she catches you with a full 3 hit combo she immediately sends you to the creator. The classes that take advantage of the close combat will be very disadvantaged against this boss.

Pararsi is almost useless because while cushioning the blows the shield fails to block the heavy blows of Margit. If you are masters of the parade you can try to parry her attacks at the last second. Doing it twice in a row Margit will enter a stun phase and you can stab him with your sword making him fall to the ground, but you really have to be pretty skilled. The best way to avoid his attacks is to dodge, dodge and dodge (but be careful not to fall into the ravines on either side of the arena).

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As soon as you take away half of its life point it will become more lethal and will add to its combos even heavy hammers and swords of light which, however, can be parried without too much damage with a shield .

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Before entering, from the right, you can summon the Sorcerer Rogier who will give you a big hand distracting the enemy. You can also summon some Spirits into battle to help you. Better the Wolves or the Fanged Demons. Both are hard to hit and Margit will waste a lot of time chasing them.

REWARD: 9000 EXP Points and Talisman Bag (+1 Talisman Slot)

Godrick the Graft

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WHERE: Tomb, Grantempesta Castle. Closest place of grace: Isolated Cell.

STRATEGY: Compared to Margit, Godrick will be a breeze as she is a rather slow enemy (despite the large number of arms available) that moves in a really spacious arena. His combos are all easily dodged, just take the right time and the same goes for his jump attacks. I advise you to upgrade (perhaps with conditioner or an amulet), the loaded attack of your weapon so as to put it in a tight spot in a few hits.

Godrick's most annoying move is undoubtedly the one he employs of the wind and then hurls you against a sort of mini hurricanes that zigzag. Move away as it loads and roll to avoid hurricanes. Also dodge when he loads the blow to knock the ax on the ground, if you are nearby, however, you will have a good two seconds to hit him. And after the second blast in the ground, get close again to give it a shot.

With half of the hit points removed, Godrick will graft the dragon's head in place of his arm. This is the right time to summon your spirits and distract him so that you can slaughter him in comfort. To his attacks he will only add the dragon flames that you can dodge by simply rolling with the right timing. But be careful not to get swallowed by the dragon's jaws because they could reset your life points.

If you don't have spirits to summon in this second phase (bad!), The tactic seen in the first phase is valid. You just have to pay more attention to the fiery attacks.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Also in this case the summoning of the Spirits will be essential to win and the best are always those who summon numerous opponents. If you want you can also convince Nepheli Loux, the fighter near the grace point before Godrick to help you in the enterprise, after which you can summon her before entering the fight.

REWARD: 20,000 EXP Points Major rune, Remembrance of the Grafted.

Leonine progenies

All the photos of the complete guide of Elden Ring WHERE: Tomb, Wailing Peninsula (Castle of Morne). Closest Place of Grace: Near the Bulwark Jail.

STRATEGY: One of the simplest bosses (and trophies / achievements) in the game. It is a creature with the appearance of a humanoid lion that will attack you very quickly with its claws and its sword. But dodging is really simple and the enemy attack pattern is ridiculous. Just observe it for a few seconds to understand everything. So always be ready to dodge and keep close to him so as to avoid the charges. Also, at the end of each combo you will have a window of about a second and a half to hurt him. You will see that with a few attempts it will go down without problems.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Spirits are a must, but in this case they will be of little use as the Seed is very fast and she can take them out quickly. In Morne Castle, however, you can find a broadsword called Claymore. This manages to interrupt some of the Spawn attacks and is your trump card against this boss.

REWARD: 9,000 EXP Points, Sword - Greatsword of the Grafted Blade.

Red Wolf of Radagon

ELDEN RING ..._ 20220227210808 WHERE: Liurnia, Academy of Raya Lucaria. Closest place of grace: Classroom.

STRATEGY: A mandatory boss, but very easy to take down. It is a wolf who uses a magic sword with his mouth. Sword attacks are all easily dodged, so you'll have no problem dodging them. He also performs a jump but as usual just roll towards the enemy to avoid it. The real attack you need to watch out for is when he summons magical blue swords. If he catches you with a flurry of those he could kill you. Also in this case dodging is the most effective technique. Hit him from behind or from the sides because he bites from the front. Use the charged attack whenever possible, especially after the jump attack or a combo, so as to inflict great damage on them. If you follow these few tips you can knock it down with just one attempt.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Use the spirits from the start of the fight (better if boosted with a +3). Fanged demons are perfect. Also if you have an amulet or a balm to enhance the charged attack, use it, you could inflict very high damage on the wolf.

REWARD: 14,000 EXP Points, Stone of Memory.

Rennala , Queen of the Full Moon

ELDEN RING ..._ 20220228005855 WHERE: Liurnia, Academy of Raya Lucaria. Closest Place of Grace: Debate Room.

STRATEGY: This battle is divided into two parts. The first is very simple: hit the students on the ground who emanate a golden light. They are the ones who make Rennala levitate and protect her in her golden bubble. After hitting some Rennalla she will fall and you can fill her with blows (better if heavy physical attacks). Do not be greedy and when you see that it is lighting up to float again, roll away to avoid the area explosion. Repeated the procedure 3-4 times, the second part of the battle will begin, which is more demanding. Furthermore, if you have a character who attacks with magic, it will be a tough fight because Rennala suffers very little magic damage.

At the beginning of the second fight you will be attacked by a cannon of light that you can avoid simply by circling the boss. Rennala will attack you continuously with beams of magical light, all attacks that you can avoid by dodging and, between one attack and the next, you can also hit her with some blows. Arrived with the HP at 75% it will summon Spirits, do it too if you have not already done so and try not to pay attention to them. In fact, Rennala's summons are empty and after taking a few blows they will disappear by themselves. Your target is you and you alone. So use every opportunity to hit it, perhaps with a loaded jump attack and you will see that you will soon have the upper hand.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Use the spirits only in the second phase. In the first phase, it is useless to hit students without a golden aura. Dodge them, especially the ones with the candlestick who will spit fire at you.


Magma Dragon Makar

All photos of the complete Elden Ring guide WHERE: Liurnia, far north. Go up into the mine from the northernmost river. Closest Place of Grace: View of the Ruin precipice.

STRATEGY: A truly imposing dragon, but it does not fly and can be killed easily. It is in fact a very slow enemy and that you can defeat without problems if you can always keep yourself behind him. You will deal less damage from the shoulders, it is true, but you can easily avoid all of his attacks that are frontal. The only attack you need to watch out for and which you can dodge, however, is the overhead with the sword. When he does it, he turns abruptly and hits all around with his big sword.

If you summon both the helper from outside and the spirits right away at the start of the fight, you can really put him out of action because he will end up chasing everyone to run from one side of the arena to the other spitting magma without being able to do anything else. If you have war ashes to apply to your weapon, do so and hit the enemy from behind with a barrage of blows from the ashes, preferably chained. Distracted by the other fighters you will also be able to give him 10 hits in a row by knocking down almost half of his life points in an attacking tranche.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: Get help from the companion Tragoth from the Great Horns by summoning him before entering and exploiting the ashes to also evoke spirits. Do everything as soon as the fight begins so that the dragon is confused.

REWARD: 19,000 EXP Points, Sword - Magma Dragon Blade Scale, Dragon Heart.


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