X-Men: Chris Claremont will write a Gambit miniseries

X-Men: Chris Claremont will write a Gambit miniseries


Fans of the Marvelian mutant universe were pleasantly surprised by the announcement of the return of a popular X-Men comic book author Chris Claremont. Name dear to the fans of the Children of the Atom, Chris Claremont will be the author of a miniseries dedicated to one of the most eclectic mutants, Remy LeBeau, aka Gambit, whose new adventures will be drawn by Sid Kotian.

Chris Claremont returns to the X-Men for a Gambit miniseries

Chris Claremont's return to the world of the X-Men is news that cannot leave indifferent. To X-Chris, as he has been affectionately renamed, we owe milestones of the mutant continuity, such as The Saga of the Black Phoenix and God loves, man kills, inserted within a multi-year management of the mutant universe that made the X-Men one of the pillars of the House of Ideas in the 1980s. And during his management of the X-Men, Chris Claremont created Gambit, the thief with the power to create and manipulate kinetic energy by transforming any object into a potential weapon. Since his appearance in The Uncanny X-Men Annual # 14 in 1990, Gambit has been an integral part of the X-Men universe, also appearing in the hit animated series The Insurmountable X-Men.

The announcement that Chris Claremont will write an X-Men series dedicated to Gambit also allows us to hope for a better outcome than previous attempts. On several occasions, Marvel has tried to give life to series that see the Cajun mutant as the only protagonist, but it has never been able to achieve the goal.

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Marvel Just Killed Iron Man and The X-Men in Explosive Fashion

No one ever accused comic writer Donny Cates of doing anything small and his new run on the Hulk proves that he's willing to swing for the fences. To summarize, like each issue does, Bruce Banner has somehow been able to segment his mind into a few different 'parts,' with the Hulk's body acting as a starship, which is piloted by Banner within the mind of the Avenger, and the Hulk's rage fueling the entire thing by battling bad guys within deep levels of his psyche. This creation of 'Starship Hulk' has sent him down a wild path and has now brought him to a deadly alternate universe. 

In Hulk #3 Starship Hulk made it way into this alternate universe, leaving us with a world where Bruce Banner isn't the Hulk, Gamma-radiated monsters roam the world, and Thunderbolt Ross is the President. The latest issue of the series, last week's Hulk #4, offers a little more insight into this universe, revealing what happened to Tony Stark and the X-Men, spoiler it was bad. In the issue it's revealed that Tony Stark went bankrupt and eventually passed away from 'severe liver toxicity and complications from severe and chronic pancreatitis.' The very next page reveals the fate of the X-Men, revealing that the US Government exterminated them with a nuclear bomb.

xmen-dead.jpg(Photo: MARVEL)

This all comes as a shock to Banner who inquires about other heroes from the 616 universe, asking about Blade, Moon Knight, and Captain America. The Banner from that version of the universe however scratches his head, unaware of at least the first two on that list.

Throughout the issue there's a lingering threat to Hulk though, someone referred to by President Ross as simply 'The Boy,' who is revealed to be this universe's version of Peter Parker. The Spider-Man from this universe however isn't a regular Spider-Man but a giant, Hulk-infused Spider-Man. It's wild, and he's getting ready to tear the Hulk a new one.

You can find the cover and solicit for the next issue of Hulk below.

stl217155.jpg(Photo: MARVEL)

Hulk #5(W) Donny Cates (A/CA) Ryan Ottley'SMASHSTRONAUT' PART 5 OF 6!• As President Thunderbolt Ross rains down gamma-irradiated hell, Bruce Banner's Starship Hulk experiment faces its toughest field test yet – this time, it might crack under the pressure.• Bruce Banner thinks his control over the Hulk is now absolute... but what if he's wrong?

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