Colombia strengthens its control over the use of cryptocurrencies

Colombia strengthens its control over the use of cryptocurrencies

The Colombian tax authority, called DIAN, has announced that its next target is tax evaders who use cryptocurrency. According to a public relations statement released on January 28, the institution said it was taking a series of steps to tighten controls on taxpayers who use cryptocurrencies for transaction or trading purposes.

Although these actions are not specifically disclosed, the measures follow the goal of gaining greater clarity on the movement of cryptocurrency users and traders in the country. The DIAN stated that these actions seek to establish a tax control for omitted or inaccurate taxpayers who in the Income and Complementary Tax have not recorded the income obtained from transactions with cryptocurrencies or have recorded them inaccurately.

The organization further explained that this is part of the Colombian state's anti-money laundering and terrorist financing policies. For this purpose, the institution also announced that a signed agreement between Colombia and Finland would be essential, allowing the free exchange of information between the institutions of both countries. Localbitcoins, one of the world's leading peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchanges, is headquartered in Finland.

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A project, called the crypto sandbox, has allowed exchanges to work in tandem with banks, giving cryptocurrency users the opportunity to make cryptographic purchases with the direct support of banking institutions. Additionally, Colombia ranks second in Latam for the largest number of cryptocurrency ATMs, just behind El Salvador, which has increased its numbers due to the creation of Chivo wallet ATMs.

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