Elden Ring, patch 1.02.1 available

Elden Ring, patch 1.02.1 available

Elden Ring

Within a short time, Elden Ring became one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. Whether it's the gameplay, the soundtrack or the narrative, the game seems to have succeeded on all fronts. If the critics have had the opportunity to try the title for weeks already, the new work of From Software is only available for the players for a few days.

Elden Ring Even if you praise them for Elden Ring are wasted, the game is not free from some flaws. We are obviously talking about the freeze and stutter problems that emerged in the days following the launch. The bug mainly affects the PC version, although console users are also experiencing some frame drops.

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Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC. Critics have widely praised From Software's work which has rapidly climbed the metacritic charts. With a score of 97, in fact, the title quickly became the software house's biggest success.

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Fixed issues with saving the game on PlayStation 5. [PC] Fixed launch issues related to Easy Anti Cheat (EAC). [PC] Added improvements to mouse operation. The new patch has reduced the number of files needed to load when entering a new area. Other minor bug fixes.

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Elden Ring Boss Bug Found by Player in Academy of Raya Lucaria

Elden Ring, the latest game by FromSoftware and directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, is finally available but is not without bugs, even for major boss fights, as discovered by one of the Tarnished on Twitch and Twitter.

Be it the way its open-world is built, or how numerous bosses reuse patterns from past Souls games, Elden Ring brings back the best of FromSoftware from these past decades. Some of the bosses are highly challenging too, so imagine how terrifying it’ll be if you managed to beat a Legendary Boss, but ended up not getting their Great Rune.

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@shiraziinspace, an Elden Ring player on Twitter and streamer on Twitch, explained how they defeated Rennala, the lord boss of the legacy dungeon Academy of Raya Lucaria, but ended up dying at the same time. It looks like the game bugged at that moment, as the boss’ reward, Rennala’s Great Rune, was not acquired and doesn’t show up in the Key Items inventory.

During @shiraziinspace’s stream, you can spot how right after the “You Died” system message appeared, the “Legend Felled” message appeared as well, confirming they managed to beat the boss.

Moreover, as seen in the video clip below, seeing Elden Ring has an autosave system, the game now considers Rennala as defeated, so the boss fight cannot be triggered anymore.

It’s possible the same bug can occur with any of the other bosses dropping Great Runes. So all Tarnished should be cautious to not trigger this bug during their adventures in the Lands Between.

What are Great Runes in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, Great Runes allow you to have major temporary buffs if you equip them, purify them at specific locations, and use a Rune Arc, expendable rare items. Luckily if you end up triggering this bug on Rennala, the Great Rune dropped by Rennala cannot be equipped and doesn’t have any sort of use confirmed as of now. However, once you defeat Rennala, you will be able to respec your character with the Rebirth option when speaking to her.

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