Horizon Forbidden West was postponed in defense of employees

Horizon Forbidden West was postponed in defense of employees

There is a very good reason why Horizon Forbidden West only hit the shelves today and not in 2021 as previously announced by Sony and PlayStation. The director of the new PS5 and PS4</a> exclusive, Mathijs De Jonge, thought of it in an interview with the Dutch portal NU.

As explained by De Jonge, Guerrilla Games has chosen to postpone Horizon Forbidden West for a very specific choice: that of not creating a toxic and crunchy work environment. "We were supposed to release the game last year, but we decided not to let the studio work beyond business hours," the words of De Jonge. The absence of crunch is also reflected in the decisions of the company, which has chosen a decidedly softer approach than other competitors. Clearly it was not the only reason, but as the director admitted this choice had an important weight in the shift of the game.

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Horizon Forbidden West is available from today, Friday 18 February, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The home game Guerrilla Games has also been selected by Sony for a commendable charity initiative, able to really do good to the planet: you can read all the details (including those relating to "participation") by visiting this address. Keep following sportsgaming.win for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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