Pokémon GO Tour 2022, a day of capturing and special exploration

Pokémon GO Tour 2022, a day of capturing and special exploration

Pokémon GO Tour 2022

On February 26, 2022, the new Pokémon GO Tour 2022 was held, the moment in which the Niantic augmented reality game community gathers to celebrate and celebrate the pocket monsters of Nintendo and GameFreak. In spite of what many may think, it is a very heartfelt event, capable of encouraging coaches from all over the world to leave the house, meet and make friends for a few hours. Although it is no longer a viral phenomenon, despite the pandemic has limited travel, in fact, Pokémon GO has evolved and continues to be played by thousands of players.

The proof? The fact that we have met dozens of people, in groups or solitary, with the phone in hand, ready to capture pokémon, carry out special missions and beat the many raids present. This is because the Pokémon GO Tour 2022 not only multiplied the number of pokémon present in the streets, but also gave everyone (but especially those who bought one of the special event tickets) the opportunity to complete special missions and win many prizes.

If we have already covered the details of the event in this news, today we will talk to you more freely about the day of catches and special explorations of Pokémon GO Tour 2022.

Lots of pokémon

Even Paderno Dugnano had so many things to do. The reason why you play Pokémon is always the classic "Catch them all". For this reason, seeing the streets overflowing with more or less rare pokémon is by itself reason enough to take to the streets. On the other hand, how many other opportunities will we have in the coming months to catch a Corsola or a Heracross? In addition, it was possible to find a large amount of Unown and other rare pokemon to flesh out your pokédex. We even found a Raikou walking around the house! Other legendaries such as Suicune, Entei, Lugie, and Ho-oh could be found in raids. Through a Special Mission it was also possible to take Celibi, but in one of the intermediate steps we found a chromatic Gyarados, which is always very chic.

The beauty is that, also thanks to the beautiful sun that was in the North Italy, completing the many missions was simple, even for lone coaches like us. Even in a rather dull city in the Milanese hinterland, in fact, the groups of players who, power banks in hand, wandered around the richest areas of gyms and pokéstops. It was therefore easy to find populated raids to which to join without major problems and bring home the biggest prey.

It was nice to see young and old, children and adults, grouping together for many hours in a row. , with a single passion that, moreover, forced one to stay out of the house and walk. There was even the possibility to participate in some raids remotely, since really all - or almost all - friends were back active at the same time for a few hours.

Many, (too many?) Missions

The cover of the Pokémon GO Tour 2022 After having redeemed the ticket for the Pokémon GO Tour 2022 and choosing between Gold and Silver the favorite game, in fact, we were literally overwhelmed by things to do. There were collection missions divided by schedules, missions focused on Legendary pokémon and others on evolutions. Some asked to walk a lot, others to exchange friend packs, still others to look for special GO trainers.

All very beautiful and intense, even if - perhaps - even too much, especially considering the type of Pokémon GO interface . In the game, in fact, there were no suggestions on which pokémon to evolve for some mission, which ones to capture for another or what to do to complete a task. Usually it is not a burden, but when you have 30 pokémon to evolve a more flexible system could be useful, so as not to keep going back and forth between the menus and devote yourself more to the game.

In all this jubilation we have no very much appreciated the missions that required to scan specific places or find particular trainers: as long as we were in a park everything went smoothly, but once we returned home our progression in the event stopped, despite having a pokéstop in the near the house and the game is always on.

So it is true that the Pokémon GO Tour 2022 is an event designed to bring the community together and push it out of the house, but a greater focus on those who could not stay 'open and walk all day, think of areas where there was bad weather, or those who live in areas that are not very busy or full of places of interest, but who bought a ticket could have stayed there.

Parteciperem or again?

some special Pokémon GO stickers Having said that, however, there is no doubt that the Pokémon GO Tour 2022 was a remarkable event for those who, like us, have been playing Pokémon GO daily since launch. It is a long day, a fold of things to do and rare pokémon to capture, as well as opportunities to meet new coaches and group together. There were many incentives to play, both for those who had the ticket and for everyone else, and next time we will organize ourselves better to be able to spend more hours outdoors and complete all the available missions.

Despite everything, in fact, our pokédex still has some gaps to fill ...

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