Hogwarts Legacy, counterorder: the trailer will arrive soon

Hogwarts Legacy, counterorder: the trailer will arrive soon

Hogwarts Legacy, counterorder

Despite recent introductions of Gran Turismo 7 and Ghostwire: Tokyo held earlier this month, Sony has yet to unveil new titles as part of an official event. Some rumors indicate that a PlayStation Showcase will be held in March. According to sources, within this event we will finally be able to admire a new trailer for Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy The leaker accountngt on Twitter posted the news, accompanied by a GIF of Hogwarts Legacy. According to the words reported in the tweet, there are important news and it is practically certain that the title will have a new trailer in March. Even if there were no Sony events in March, Avalanche and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment could still release the trailer. As reported a few weeks ago, in fact, the same insider claims the arrival of a trailer containing more information on skills and abilities. The trailer may also contain gameplay elements and the official release date.

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Heard about new stuff today…

Yes, you can 100% expect a new trailer in March https://t.co/HCmSTpFv0c pic.twitter.com/HrbuK0uhnr

- accountngt (@accngt) February 26, 2022

It's also possible that a release window will be announced, rumored to be in September. Hogwarts Legacy is currently in development for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, and PC. Officially, Warner Media CEO Jason Kilar has assured that the game will be released later this year. Given the troubled development of the new Avalanche game, at this point, we can expect everything.

In case you want to pre-order Hogwarts Legacy, you can find it already available on Amazon

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