The best free games for Xbox Series X | S

The best free games for Xbox Series X | S

All Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X users can boast an extraordinary and endless catalog of games. One of the best things about Microsoft's next-generation consoles is certainly the total backward compatibility of the new generation of Xbox which makes hundreds of games released for Xbox One available right away.

Among these there are, of course, many free to play video games: one of the most popular economic models of recent years which includes practically every type of game, from FPS to fighting games, passing through strategic and adventures.

Let's find out in our special the best free games for Xbox Series X | S to try in this 2022!

Apex Legends

One of the protagonists of this excellent FPS Set in the same universe as Titanfall, Apex Legends represents a sort of online multiplayer "expansion" of the popular EA title. It is an excellent FPS in a battle royale sauce with great emphasis on weapons and a futuristic setting.

The story takes place many years after the end of the wars narrated in Titanfall. Compared to the latter, the dear and old robots are missing and the gameplay has also been slightly modified by eliminating double jumps and running on the walls, giving it a slightly more thoughtful tone.

Given its completely free nature, we recommend giving it a chance.


A screenshot that demonstrates Warframe's excellent graphics quality The vast Xbox catalog also finds space a free-to-play action shooter like Warframe, the work of the Canadians of Digital Extremes already co-developers of important video games such as Unreal Tournament, Bioshock, Homefront and The Darkness 2.

The experience gained in the sector has generated a good free title with different strengths which, if played in matchmaking, manages to give many hours of fun, also thanks to the continuous updates (including technical ones) to which it is subjected. Its completely free nature makes it an experience to try.

Rocket League

Lots of updates and support for this great free to play In recent years it has been able to achieve such a great success that make it free to play recently: Rocket League is a hilarious and out of the ordinary game that mixes car driving with soccer. The rules are more or less the same: the player who scores the most in the opponent's goal wins.

What changes is that instead of the players there are machines that have to push the ball into the net. It is played in teams with many modes, customizations and stadiums to choose from. Rocket League is also a cross platform game that allows you to face friends on other consoles and PCs.


Customization is one of Fortnite's strengths You don't need many presentations when it comes to Fortnite. The Epic Games game represents a real revolution in the free to play field, above all thanks to its battle royale mode that everyone knows well by now.

Fortnite is one of the most supported, updated and played video games in the entire videogame panorama and for this reason it certainly deserves a chance on the part of all shooter and multiplayer fans online.

The microtransactions existing within its ecosystem are purely aesthetic and do not affect the chances of winning within the matches.

Halo Infinite multiplayer

In November 2021 the multiplayer of the new Halo Infinite has been released on the Xbox Store: it was a new mode of publication for the series, since this component has arrived in free to play format. This means that the competitive part of the latest 343 Industries effort is accessible to all Xbox Live subscribers regardless of whether they have purchased the base game.

This is not a demo or a portion of the game, but the entire multiplayer sector of Halo Infinite complete with all modes, options, customizations and maps. This choice, which follows the same one made by Activision with Call of Duty Warzone, has allowed the Microsoft FPS to soon become one of the most followed and played on the net (it is also cross platform with the PC). The game "lives" on microtransactions to customize your soldier, weapons and other cosmetic options.

COD Warzone Pacific

Warzone is a free to play mode of Call of Duty We just got it mentioned in the previous paragraph and for this we insert it in our collection of the best free to play games to play on Xbox: we are talking about Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific, the new incarnation of Activision's free first person shooter.

Over time the famous battle royale has been able to transform, evolve and increase the game maps to become a real complete game. Modes, options, customizations and much more are one of the strengths of this game, along with stunning graphics that become even more fluid and detailed on Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

Killer Instinct

One of the fighters of Killer Instinct There are not only shooters and battle royale in the huge Xbox free to play catalog. One of the first games released on the first Xbox One was, in fact, Killer Instinct, a reinterpretation of the old glory of the 90s developed by Rare which represented one of the greatest successes of Super Nintendo with almost 4 million copies sold.

The latest incarnation of the Microsoft fighting game is a free to play trial with a partial roster, it is in fact possible to buy the full version that allows you to choose from a much wider selection of fighters. However, it remains a very good game after so many years.


A picture of the excellent Splitgate Let's put in our top 10 of the best free-to-play games to play on Xbox in this 2022 also Splitgate, a particular first-person shooter that has the peculiarity of allowing the player to control dimensional portals very similar to those already seen in Portal (Valve's masterpiece published a few years ago).

Graphic sector and "pad in hand" sensations are quite standard and do not reach the heights of other video games, but the possibilities that are created with the opening of the portals make it a fun and often unpredictable title.

If nothing else, give it a chance, also because it doesn't cost you anything!


Paladins is one of the most popular competitive games After an endless phase beta started as far back as 2016, after a couple of years it was released on all digital stores Paladins, a team multiplayer shooter produced by the American software house Hi-Rez (formerly author of SMITE). The nature of Paladins is actually hybrid: it is a title halfway between an FPS and a MOBA with the "wild card" of the use of customization cards.

The gameplay is that of any classic arena shooter (Unreal, Quake III, etc ...) with the necessary simplifications and without advanced attack / defense tactics. Paladins is still very fun and enjoyable together with friends in fast and frantic online multiplayer battles.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has been one of the phenomena of recent years The creators of Halo, after a short parenthesis in Activision, they returned independent after the release of Destiny 2. The second incarnation of this MMO shooter over time has been made partially free to play, something that makes it one of the most played and loved titles in the entire Xbox ecosystem (and beyond, of course).

Destiny 2 is a first person shooter that closely resembles what the authors have already experienced with Halo, but with its own and well-defined characteristics, much closer to an online role-playing game. To access the latest content, such as the upcoming Whispering Queen, you need to purchase their license, but the free portion is large enough to guarantee hours of fun and get into the spirit of the work.

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