Skyrim is being recreated as part of a popular survival

Skyrim is being recreated as part of a popular survival

Even today, after more than a videogame generation, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim continues to be one of the greatest inspirations in the world of mods. Bethesda's iconic role-playing game has made the history of the video game, but above all of mods on PC, with an infinity of creations by the community that we are now struggling to quantify. The mods, however, do not stop at the RPG title, and other titles are also seeing the implementation of themed mods.

One of the most recent and popular survival of the moment is Valheim, the Viking-themed title has able to build a large and passionate community in record time, and to date a user has decided to create a mod entirely dedicated to The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. This is the user known on the net as Draggas13, who uploaded some shots of his most recent mod to Reddit. The player in question is currently working in the Honeyside area of ​​the well-known survival, recreating the city of Riften piece by piece.

The modder is still working on his creation, but according to the same user on Reddit the dorm, Honeyside and the lookout point have been finished. Different parts of the city present in Skyrim are missing, as are much of the area below, with the modder also declaring that, for those interested, it is also possible to watch him in streaming while he completes his creation.

Building Riften in Skyrim: The sleeping lodge is now done, in this screenshot we have honeyside, the sleeping lodge and the gatehouse. Slowly working our way around the horseshoe. Here I'm standing on one of the under buildings. FPS is surprisingly not bad even while streaming. from valheim

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Although Valheim has suffered a decline in players over the last year, there are still many fans who spend hours and hours inside the survival for PC, as are the players who are still very tied to the game role playing Bethesda and they always show it.

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