God of War, someone has disfigured Kratos!

God of War, someone has disfigured Kratos!

God of War

The arrival of God of war on PC not only made Santa Monica one of the best development studios ever, but also earned Sony recognition from the PC community. It was only a matter of time, however, before the modders embarked on the undertaking of radically modifying the video game. And so between useful fixes to start the title even on older systems and add-ons that increase the quality of the game, today a decidedly absurd mod has emerged, which does nothing but disfigure Kratos!

God of War PC As reported on Twitter, in fact, a new mod allows you to change the protagonist of God of War by adding eyes and mouth out of the ordinary. The result is a practically unrecognizable Kratos, which appears to have come out of some animated film produced by Dreamworks. Not because the work is bad, mind you, but because everything has a decidedly more comic style and little in line with the tones of the game. Among other things, the video is taken from one of the most touching and important scenes of the game and this mod completely destroys its tone.

The result of applying this mod is available a little further down but we invite you not to see it if you have never played the God of War reboot so as not to ruin the experience. Unfortunately we cannot explain how to install it, because after a quick search we have not found any website from where to "get it" but if you manage to find it you can comment the news perhaps also specifying where it can be downloaded from.

Big eyes and a big mouth. #GodofWar #GodofWarPC pic.twitter.com/yTK7J9htPz

- Speclizer (@Speclizer_) January 19, 2022

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God of War on PC debuted on Friday, January 14, 2021 and is the third PlayStation 4 exclusive to come closer to the PC world. Prior to the Santa Monica title, Sony released Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone. The next game to undergo this treatment will be Uncharted 4 but it is not excluded that in the future even more games may not arrive than in the past. Keep following sportsgaming.win for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

One of the latest PS4 exclusives is Ghost of Tsushima: you can retrieve it in Director's Cut version by visiting this address.

God Of War On PC Is Selling PlayStation 5 Consoles

Sony's PC plan looks to be working perfectly.

2018’s God of War is one of the most compelling PlayStation exclusives from the last generation. PC gamers who have just started to experience the award-winning game seem to be sold too. In recent days, there have been a number of posts across social media of PC gamers professing their intention to buy Sony’s PlayStation 5 for God of War: Ragnarok because 2018’s game is just that good.

'Fuck this game, The price on Steam says that the game is only $49.99 but that's a lie, it's going to cost me over $600 total because I'm literally forced to buy a PS5 and God of War Ragnarok now.' 👍

🎮 God of War🕓 57 hrs played (avg. 17) pic.twitter.com/NwC7rSLikv

— GameReviews.txt – Now With Awards! 🏆 (@gamereviews_txt) January 24, 2022

Okay, Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok are going to push me to buy a PS5 and upgrade our 2008 TV. There is no other way.

— S.R. Turner (@floatingorbs) January 24, 2022

God of war on Pc is stunning. This game is amazing, it’s gonna force me to buy a PS5 for the next god of war game for sure lol

— John Fire 🔥 (@SwoleW101) January 18, 2022

Although the tweets above aren’t exactly scientific evidence, the sentiment that God of War on PC could sell PS5 consoles isn’t a new one. It’s regularly said that Sony chose to release Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War on PC precisely because the games could convince PC gamers to buy a PS5. The company waited until years after the exclusivity of the games didn’t matter anymore. Players who were going to buy a PS4 to play Horizon or God of War probably had done so by the time the games went to PC. Similarly, it’s no coincidence that Sony chose those two games to release on PC. Both games have major PS5 sequels just around the corner.

God of War on PC has been a massive success for Sony. The game launched with few issues and is packed with features that PC gamers enjoy such as ultrawide support. Compare that to Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade on PC, which was a barebones port, and it’s easy to see why Sony has a lot of goodwill following the launch. The company is probably pretty happy with the sales numbers too, according to recent estimates the game has already sold more than 1 million copies on PC. If some of those 1 million sales also lead to PS5 console sales in the future then Sony is more likely to bring its games to PC in the future. Although don’t expect them until quite a few years later. Sony can’t sell consoles if it releases its games on PC too quickly.


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