Halo Infinite: Certain Affinity's multiplayer mode will be “user friendly”, for a new report

Halo Infinite: Certain Affinity's multiplayer mode will be “user friendly”, for a new report

Halo Infinite

Certain Affinity is working on a new multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite that will be "user friendly" for budding players and that will aim to attract users who usually play Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone and Apex Legends. At least according to the sources of Jez Corden.

In a report published a few days ago, the Windows Central reporter revealed that the Certain Affinty studio is working on a game with the code name "Suerte", which will be a Xbox exclusive in Monster Hunter style. In the same article a multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite was also mentioned, of which a few hours ago new details arrived (all to be confirmed) always from the pages of Windows Central.

According to the sources of Jez Corden, the new Halo Infinite mode in the works at Certain Affinity studios is codenamed "Tanaka" and may arrive in the next few months. It should be a user friendly experience for those who are approaching Halo Infinite multiplayer for the first time and therefore be less demanding from a competitive point of view than Big Team Battle and Arena. Apparently the purpose of the "Tanaka" project is also to pique the interest of users who are generally not interested in Halo, potentially targeting those of Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone or Apex Legends.

Halo Infinite Corden explains that he does not know all the details about the dynamics of this mode and explains that it could potentially be a Gears of War-style PvE, a PvPvE like the Warzone of Halo 5 or a battle royale, although in the past 343 Industries he had ruled out the latter possibility.

Finally, again according to his sources, the Windows Central reporter says that Certain Affinity's Halo Infinite mode will be linked to the Forge, with player-created content as a key part of the experience, and will have a new progression system in its own right.

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‘Halo Infinite’ Big Team Battle fix is on the way

343 Industries believes that it has finally found a fix for Halo Infinite’s troublesome Big Team Battle matchmaking issues.

343 Industries senior community manager John Junyszek provided the update in a post on Halo Waypoint where he said: “Using the telemetry we received from the hotfix on January 19, we were able to make a new build with an update that we believe should address the core issue impacting the BTB playlist. The studio ran a successful playtest today and plans to send it off for certification on Monday.”

<a href="https://www.sportsgaming.win/2021/12/halo-infinite-multiplayer-is-richer.html">Halo Infinite multiplayer</a> cheating fixHalo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries

However, this means that Halo Infinite players still have some time before the fix is live. “After it’s sent off, it will take some time to go through the certification process and to find out if it’s approved. Once it’s approved, we’ll begin preparing to release it to the public. Since there’s still a little more of the internal release process to go through, the earliest we’d expect this hotfix to land would be next Thursday, February 3.”

The post also addresses the bundles available in Halo Infinite’s store, which has drawn complaints. “We’ve seen the desire to have bundles, while making the individual items within it purchasable on their own. This is not something the Shop supports right now and we’re evaluating our overall presentation to see how we can better meet the needs and expectations.

“Through the rest of Season 1, our focus is to provide a better offering of individual items and bundles to help players get the customization they would like without having to buy larger bundles.”

The sought after cat ears, known as the Purrfect Audio helmet attachment, will be returning to the store again this season.

In other news, a Discord bot that offers a play to earn minigame that allows cryptocurrency trades has been forced to clarify that it does not do any crypto mining after community backlash.

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