Crysis 4 announced by Crytek with an official trailer

Crysis 4 announced by Crytek with an official trailer

Crysis 4 has been officially confirmed by Crytek, via a trailer shared online on Twitter and YouTube, as you can see above.

The Crysis 4 video shows us a sequence of destruction, where everything is disintegrated. To follow, however, something is reborn from the rubble of the world, which turns out to be number 4. It is therefore not stated that the game is called Crysis 4, but for the moment we can do nothing but call the game that way. The video does not show gameplay details and does not indicate anything in terms of plot or release date.

This announcement comes shortly after an image shared by the Chinese division of Crytek, which had therefore anticipated the announcement. You can find the original news below.

Original news: Crysis 4 may have been confirmed by Crytek China: the Chinese division of the development team has published a post on the BiliBili social network, accompanying it with the image you see below.

"The Crysis 4 project is confirmed and will pave the way for a new battlefield based on nanotechnology", reads the message. "Follow the official Crytek profile: we will continue to update you with the latest news."

It would therefore appear that Crysis Remastered Trilogy, available for all platforms last October, has played the traditional role of relaunch for the franchise in view of a new chapter.

At the moment the details are very few and there is still no official confirmation from the international division of Crytek, of course, but the news of the release of Crysis 4 can only excite the many fans of the series.

In the hope that our PC will make it run, of course.

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