The Batman will skip Bruce Wayne's "origin story", according to Matt Reeves

The Batman will skip Bruce Wayne's origin story, according to Matt Reeves

The Batman will skip Bruce Wayne's "origin story"

There is great anticipation around the film directed by Matt Reeves which will see Robert Pattinson take on the role of a younger and more wicked dark knight than in the past. The director has confirmed that The Batman will skip the canonical "origin story" of Bruce Wayne, now seen and revised in previous cinematic iterations.

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The Batman will skip the "origin story" of Bruce Wayne

Interviewed recently on Esquire's microphones, in addition to talking about the film never made with Ben Affleck, Matt Reeves explained that not showing Bruce Wayne's past and killing his parents was the most suitable choice to show something new to the public. These are his words:

“We have seen his origin story too many times. We knew we couldn't bring it back "

As can be seen from the first synopsis released online by Warner Bros, Batman has already been in business for two years and has spent his time patrolling the streets of Gotham City, inspiring fear in the hearts of criminals. Robert Pattinson also confirmed that his Batman does not kill, an essential aspect of the character's psychology.

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duration of The Batman Retrieve our article Batman - the essential comics to dive into the world of the Dark Knight. To give life to the Riddler, Matt Reeves drew inspiration from the Killer of the Zodiac, a real figure who worked in California in the late 1960s. But that's not all, because the director was openly praised by the cast for showing an obsessive attention to detail.

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The Batman will skip Bruce Wayne

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