League of Legends, a cosplay of Caitlyn from jasikyu between Arcane and the Riot Games game

League of Legends, a cosplay of Caitlyn from jasikyu between Arcane and the Riot Games game

League of Legends

Taking advantage of the pull of Arcane but obviously referring more to League of Legends as a game than to the Netflix series comes this excellent cosplay of Caitlyn by jasikyu, a model always very effective in its reinterpretations.

Jasikyu seems to have moreover specialized as a cosplayer dedicated to League of Legends, considering that we have seen her in action with other characters on these pages as well. In this case, however, the staged Caitlyn seems closer to some of the artwork that emerged for the videogame version than to the animated version in Arcane.

The latter takes up the general traits of the character but reworks them in a rather particular way, bringing out a complex and multifaceted character, very fascinating and characterized by a particular relationship with Vi, as emerges in the course of the series. That staged by jasikyu seems instead the more traditional Caitlyn, akin to a certain historical vision in the videogame version, as evidenced by the direct comparison with the artwork to which it obviously refers.

In any case, it really is very fascinating all the same, although perhaps less peculiar than that seen in Arcane, as features and traits of the character. Caitlyn, the "Sheriff of Piltover", is the best law enforcement officer in town, specializing in the use of long-range precision weapons. Besides being a very good marksman with her hextech rifle, she is also a great detective thanks to her superior intellect.

To stay on the subject, we refer you to the Jinx cosplay by jasikyu and to that of Vi by the same author, to get an idea of ​​her various interpretations on the topic.

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League of Legends LEC: Week 3 Day 2 Roundup

Having reached the halfway stage of the European Championships (LEC), League of Legends fans had a second day of excitement with huge games being played.

Day two commenced on Saturday with an even more compelling set of fixtures - arguably outdoing the previous ones on paper, as well as ‘Game of the Week’ between Fnatic and G2.

The day was full of big wins except for one which featured two of the best teams fighting for dominance with Vitality facing off against the unbeaten Rogue.

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If you didn’t watch, then where were you? You missed what was the best day of League of Legends so far in the LEC, who beat who? Keep scrolling down to see if Rogue are still unbeaten and more.

League of Legends LEC

Team BDS (w) vs SK Gaming

Before week three started both teams were stuck near the bottom with only one win each, however, going into this game BDS was looking to take a 2-0 week while SK Gaming needed a win to not be sat at the same place they have been since week one.

Team BDS won swiftly against SK Gaming with a 28-minute victory with only eight kills going over to them whilst only dying twice.

The gold lead was nearly 10k in a completely dominant victory as BDS took down every single tower while only losing two. An easy victory for BDS.

EXCEL (w) vs Astralis

EXCEL vs Astralis looked like it could have been a very good close game but it was quite the opposite as EXCEL completely dominated in what was their first win of the week.

Astralis were outclassed in this game with them falling behind by nearly 10k as well as every lane being behind in gold. It was EXCEL’s bot lane and Mid Lane that carried the game with Jinx being very strong.

Astralis managed to lose every single tower in the 36-minute game while only being able to claim three of EXCELS.

MAD Lions vs Misfits (w)

In what was expected to be a close game, MAD Lions were completely dominated by Misfits.

They defeated MAD Lions with a gold lead of over 10k as well as taking nine towers to MAD’s two. It didn’t stop there either as everyone on Misfits team won vs their respective opponents by over 2k each excluding supports.

Misfits smashed MAD Lions with 21 kills vs only four, with all carries sharing damage equally amongst each other as well as a very impressive display from Misfits Vetheo who managed a 7-0-7 scoreline.

Misfits completely destroyed MAD Lions in this game with both teams now sitting on a 4-3 record.

Rogue (w) vs Vitality

One of the three big games coming out of week three saw the league leaders and still unbeaten Rogue face off against ‘Super Team’ Vitality.

This game was almost certainly the best game of the week in what was an incredibly close game with either team being able to win, however, Rogue continued their unbeaten streak in a 37-minute long game.

The gold difference might have been a massive 8k difference but this was thanks to Rogue taking Baron which extended their lead from 3k to 8k in the time that they had Baron.

Despite this, the game was 11 kills to seven, while Vitality managed to claim 7 towers to Rogue’s 11. It was Vitality however that controlled the dragons and early game, but thanks to Rogue and their impeccable teamwork and synergy they were able to take down Vitality.

Fnatic vs G2

Dubbed as ‘Game of the Week’ by Riot Games, it ended up being somewhat of a disappointment for Fnatic as they were destroyed by their arch-rivals on the day.

Some would say G2 are Fnatics' kryptonite as they beat Fnatic with a 5k lead as well as 13 kills to four, with Caps still haunting his former team as well as G2’s new ADC contributing to their dominant victory.

It wasn’t just kills that G2 smashed Fnatic on as they took down nine towers while Fnatic could only manage four. Fnatic however did have some hope as they were controlling Dragons fairly well as well as claiming one Baron which G2 also managed to match.

G2 had something to prove this game and they went out and beat the favourites Fnatic. Making Rogue a firm leader at the stop still unbeaten.

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