The games coming out in December 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC

The games coming out in December 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC

The games coming out in December 2021 for PlayStation

What games are coming to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in December 2021? The highlight is certainly represented by Halo Infinite, which is preparing to involve us with a new, exciting adventure of Master Chief for the salvation of humanity and of Cortana, the faithful ally of the protagonist since the beginning of the series.

But there are also several other games to keep an eye on: the intriguing Solar Ash, with its fast and frenetic gameplay, or the space adventure The Gunk, the latest creation of the team behind the SteamWorld saga. Or the educational Big Brain Academy: Challenge of Minds, the interesting shooter Chorus, Syberia: The World Before and the phenomenon Among Us, finally making their debut on PlayStation and Xbox.

Let's discover the games in arrival in December 2021:

Solar Ash

Solar Ash, the protagonist leaps into the scenario Released on PC, PS5 and PS4 on December 2nd

Created by the authors of Hyper Light Drifter, Solar Ash throws us into the darkness of a black hole, putting us in the shoes of a void runner, Rey, determined to save one of the planets doomed to be sucked in. Having entered the anomaly, the protagonist of the game finds herself grappling with an unexpected scenario, huge and full of dangerous creatures that will try to eliminate her.

Able to move at high speed and equipped with a sort of grappling hook that allows you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas, Rey will have to explore this mysterious world to understand what his true nature is and how to block the black hole, but at the same time he will face increasingly strong and disturbing opponents, some of which inspired by the titans of Shadow of the Colossus. Our preview of Solar Ash.

Big Brain Academy: Challenge of Minds

Big Brain Academy: Challenge of Minds played in portable mode Released on Nintendo Switch December 3

A great classic of the genre educational returns in December on Nintendo Switch with Big Brain Academy: Challenge of Minds, providing us with a series of useful tools to train the brain through challenges belonging to five different categories: Intuition, Memory, Analysis, Algebra and Perception. Will we be able to overcome them all and get a score that our friends can envy?

Is this the concept behind the game, which includes a global leaderboard to compete against, a fun single player mode or the possibility to create multiplayer matches for up to four participants, with exciting head-to-head matches. From glance-based evidence to math, from the ability to memorize information to mental stretching, the Nintendo title aims to deliver an irresistible new casual experience.


Chorus, Nara and his trusty sentient spacecraft, the Forsaken Out on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One December 3

Fishlabs' new shooter, Chorus, puts us in the shoes of Nara, a mysterious fighter determined to annihilate The Circle, a mysterious and dangerous sect. On board the sentient spacecraft Forsaken we will find ourselves exploring entire sectors of space and facing the numerous troops in the service of the Great Prophet, in the context of a frenetic and spectacular action.

The peculiar abilities of the Forsaken in fact allow us to perform incredible evolutions and move with unprecedented agility among the remnants of ancient civilizations or the remnants of entire galactic armies adrift, using special powers such as teleportation and telekinesis to gain extra insight and annihilate any threat that stands between Nara and his revenge.

Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes, one of the rooms of the protagonist's apartment Released on PS5, PS4 and Nintendo Switch on December 7th

Twelve Minutes is an original thriller-style adventure, where our goal is to change the sequence of events that will unfold over the course of twelve fateful minutes. Trapped in some sort of time loop, we'll have to figure out why the police broke into the house, arresting our wife and accusing her of murder while we were being savagely beaten.

With a fixed overhead view of our apartment and a 'click and drag' interface, accompanied by the voices of the actors James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe, we will be able to exploit every detail and every information in order to break the loop and give life to a different timeline, in which the outcome final for the characters can be positive. Twelve Minutes review.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite, a spectacular artwork featuring the Master Chief in combat Out on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One on December 8th

Undoubtedly the biggest game of December, Halo Infinite finally lands on PC and Xbox to carry on the thrilling story of Master Chief and his desperate attempt to save humanity but at the same time recover his partner of a thousand battles, the artificial intelligence Cortana. These will be the central elements of a campaign that promises great substance and a decidedly different open world approach.

Catapulted into the Zeta Halo scenario, we will be able to explore the map freely and attack the objectives in the order we deem appropriate. , taking advantage of the many abilities of our character and some new elements such as the grappling hook and the RPG-style upgrade system. The single player sector is also accompanied by a free-to-play multiplayer mode that has already conquered millions of players and which will guarantee an extraordinary duration to the entire experience.

Syberia: The World Before

Syberia: The World Before, the late 1930s setting of the game Released on PC December 10

Syberia: The World Before, the new chapter in the saga created by the late Benoit Sokal, carries on a narrative that develops through two different timelines. In fact, there are the events of Dana Rose, a seventeen-year-old girl who at the end of the 1930s has to deal with the imminent threat of a new world conflict; and those of Kate Walker, who in 2004 manages to escape the salt mines in which she was trapped.

In the game we will find ourselves controlling both characters and experiencing different eras and atmospheres, interacting with the environment and with the NPCs to create multiple choice dialogues and thus find clues and puzzles that we will have the task of solving in order to continue the adventure. All while, in the background, plays the excellent soundtrack signed by Inon Zur.

Among Us

Among Us, an official artwork featuring the characters of the game Out on PS5, PS4 , Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One on December 14th

Having become a real cult phenomenon in recent years, Among Us finally debuts in December also on PlayStation and Xbox, offering users of Sony consoles and Microsoft the asymmetrical multiplayer experience that has driven millions of players around the world crazy. You know the formula: up to ten participants have to complete a series of operations aboard a damaged spaceship, but one or more impostors may be hiding among them who will try to sabotage them.

Characterized by a graphic style minimal and with constant humor, Among Us has been enriched over time with new contents and methods, succeeding in the not simple task of reviving the interest of the enormous user base that the title of Innersloth has found after a departure quietly, thanks to word of mouth generated by some lucky live streaming. The review of Among Us.

The Gunk

The Gunk, the protagonist intent on exploring the scenario Released on PC, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One December 16th

The new game from Image & Form, the team behind the SteamWorld series, The Gunk tells the story of Rani, a sort of space junk dealer who ends up by chance on an unknown planet and apparently rich in precious resources. Supported remotely by her teammate, the protagonist of the adventure will discover however that there is a reason why no one had ever approached that world ...

In fact, there is a liquid parasite in the ground, the Gunk in fact, which Rani will have to try to suck using his special equipment in order to restore life to the environment, while paying attention to the creatures corrupted by this element, which will not fail to attack it giving life to frenetic and spectacular fights.

Other games to be released in December 2021

Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All! , out December 2 Dauntless, out December 2 Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector, out December 2 Grim Dawn, out December 3 Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, out December 7 Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX, in out December 9 Sol Cresta, out December 9 Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, out December 13 Aeterna Noctis, out December 15 Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo, out December 16 Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, out December 16th

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