The new J-Pop and BD Editions of December 2021

The new J-Pop and BD Editions of December 2021

In recent days, the next month's releases have been released through the Direct 87 catalog from which we learn all the J-Pop and BD Editions news of December 2021. To report the new issue of Tokyo Revengers, the new issue of Kemono Jihen and the new issue of Komi Can't Communicate.

Let's find out all the details of the upcoming releases together!

The new J-Pop and BD Editions of December 2021

J-Pop news for December 2021

Kasane 10

by Daruma Matsuura

€ 6.90

Kasane is a girl who, because of her face disfigured, he received only abuse and derision from life. But now she finally has an ideal tool of revenge: a lipstick that allows her to temporarily "swap" her face with that of who she will be able to kiss. Finally freed from the disgusting aspect of her and anxious to vent the resentment harbored for years, especially towards "beautiful" people, Kasane thus begins her revenge, in a ruthless race on the thin line that separates the

clarity from madness. She continues the dark suspense manga that conquered Japan!

Buy Kasane 10 on Amazon.

Kemono Jihen 8

by Sho Aimoto

€ 6.00

A remote village is shaken by a terrifying vision: animal corpses have appeared along the streets! The detective in charge of solving the mystery finds the help of a bizarre young man from the place that his peers have nicknamed "Dorotabo", like a yokai who lives in the mud ... and the link between this boy and the world of the supernatural seems not to be limited to the nickname of him! She continues Sho Aimoto's new explosive shonen with a bang!

Buy Kemono Jihen 8 on Amazon.

Komi can't communicate 13

by Tomohito Oda

€ 5.90

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