Black Friday Amazon: 10 fantastic gift ideas for Christmas!

Black Friday Amazon: 10 fantastic gift ideas for Christmas!

Black Friday Amazon

Black Friday is reaching its final stage and we have stripped many of the offers on the Amazon pages but in this article we want to do something different and not necessarily linked to the offers in progress. We want to suggest some products that are worth buying to make an excellent Christmas gift. We have chosen products of various categories to satisfy more or less all tastes, so they are not technological products but everything that seemed suitable to us as a present for the upcoming holidays.

Let's move on to scented candles and razors , from iconic Lego sets to simple advent calendars, without forgetting some toys or the now inevitable electric toothbrushes. So both common use goods and products for leisure and free time. So here are our tips for Christmas gifts using Amazon's Black Friday!

As always, we remind you that if you want to take advantage of the advantages of fast shipping on Amazon you have to subscribe to the very convenient Amazon Prime. Furthermore, if you are a student, the subscription to the service is at half price with Amazon Prime Student!

Gift ideas from Amazon's Black Friday

Yankee Candle gift set

A perfect gift for lovers of the famous brand of candles, known for its numerous and particular fragrances created over the years. The Yankee Candle set is a collection of 8 scented candles, obviously with a Christmas theme, designed to give the classic and wonderful festive atmosphere that characterizes this period of the year. Furthermore, the candles are placed in a delightful ivory-colored box, decorated with bright stars to ensure a relevant and captivating packaging. Last but not least, the fragrances present, which are the real stars of the product: Christmas Magic, Angel's Wings, Snow in Love, Sparkling Cinnamon, Evergreen Mist, Warm Cashmere, All is Bright and Spiced Orange! All for only € 34.99


Pukka Advent Calendar 2021

Inspired by the design of the Pukka Selection Boxes, the Pukka Advent Calendar is not is the classic calendar full of chocolate sweets, it is designed for all tea lovers and, of course, to decorate their home with a Christmas theme but with a lot of style. Inside, day by day, you will find 24 delicious teas and organic herbal teas prepared with 100% natural ingredients, vegetarian, kosher and non-GMO: in short, not only a great gift to buy for yourself or a friend, but also for the planet! 1% of the proceeds from this box are donated to environmental causes, another feature in favor of this item that you can buy for € 11.99!


Jumanji Deluxe in Wood

Who can forget the great classic of the 90s starring a wonderful Robin Williams? The answer is: absolutely none. Precisely for this reason Jumanji Deluxe is a fantastic gift idea for Christmas, the game is placed in a high quality wooden case and includes a board inspired by the world of the aforementioned iconic film, complete with identical pieces! Not to be underestimated, also because he was the official winner of the Toy Industry Awards in 2018: a fun way to spend the holidays, in good company and in the name of a great movie classic, for only € 28.99!


Braun MGK5280 9-In-1 Black / Blue, Men's Beard Trimmer

If you are looking for a product that is useful in everyday life, functional and at a great price, we recommend Braun MGK5280, an all-in-one men's beard trimmer, a 9-in-1 men's trimmer kit designed to safely shave your beard, face, hair, nose and ears, with a complimentary Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor. The beard trimmer offers you a clean shave and has a long-lasting battery and 13 length settings, to always be precise, in fact the Braun adaptive motor allows the electric beard trimmer to detect the thickest beards and automatically adapt for a pleasant experience of finishing. At the moment you can buy it for € 38.99!


Oral-B Smart 4 4500 Electric Toothbrush

Still on the subject of daily routine and usefulness, Oral- B Smart 4 is on promotion, the product allows a thorough cleaning of the teeth, for always healthy gums thanks to the tips in real time, which help during brushing! Removes up to 100% more plaque and whitens teeth, removing superficial stains that form on the tooth surface. Oral-B Smart 4 is a very high quality product that guarantees brushing pressure control to never threaten your gums, there are also 3 brushing modes: Daily Cleaning, Sensitive Teeth, Whitening! You can find it for € 49.99!


A Smartbox trip

After two years of great suffering caused by COVID, it is obvious that one of the first thoughts of this Christmas could be to leave for a nice relaxing holiday. A "hit and run", just enough to unplug and enjoy a few days of quiet and relaxation, especially if in the company of someone special. If the idea appeals to you, then you will be happy to know that, on the occasion of Amazon's Black Friday, many "Smartbox" packages are also discounted on the portal, thanks to which you can enjoy a little holiday, away from stress, without the need to organize who knows what. The prices are excellent, and even start from less than 30 euros for the simpler and "at hand" experiences in Italy, to then go up to more substantial figures for trips to Europe or for longer stays. The beauty is that, even if you could not leave immediately, the Smartbox packages can also be used long after the purchase or, why not, maybe directly next year. In fact, the purchase does not require immediate use, and you can take advantage of the opportunity to plan a trip even in several months, in short: there are no more excuses for not treating yourself to a little peace and relaxation.


Smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 6

A must of the purchases of this Black Friday 2021, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is simply the most purchased smart band of these months, and perhaps also the most purchased in general on the market. We are talking about a product of extraordinary quality, but sold at a ridiculous price, so much so that it is currently even discounted on Amazon for about 40 euros! The beauty is that we are even talking about the most recent version of Mi Band 6, or the one recently proposed by Xiaomi, and which also includes an NFC chip, thanks to which you can make your payments just like a contactless card. In addition to this there is the usual quality of Xiaomi smart bands, complete with a beautiful 1.56 ″ AMOLED display, with a resolution of 326 PPI, SpO2 tracking sensor, waterproof up to 5 ATM, and over 30 training modes . If this isn't a perfect gift…


Satin Naturel Bath Bombs

Become one of the most purchased (and given away) items of recent years, the " bath bombs "are nothing more than perfumed spheres containing soap and, basically, a generous dose of bicarbonate and bath salts which, once immersed in the bath, dissolve instantly, coloring the water and releasing a thick and pleasant foam . Nowadays there are on the market of every type and brand, but the ones we offer you, or in addition to being discounted on Amazon for only € 22.49 (original price: € 38.99), are produced with essential oils and 100 % natural, and are completely free of toxic dyes. They are produced by the Satin Naturel brand, and will arrive at your home in a luxurious and pleasant gift box, which includes 7 bath bombs of various sizes and all recalling the appearance of sweets and chocolate. Not the cheapest on Amazon, but certainly among the best.


LEGO Creator Expert ECTO-1 Ghostbusters

One of the most iconic LEGO sets ever and dedicated to a film that made history. This reproduction of the ECTO-1 of Ghostbusters is the best a lover of the famous film can ask for, especially if he is also a collector of LEGO. We are faced with the largest and most detailed ECTO-1 model you can own with incredible details such as the tracking antenna on the roof rack, the post with submachine gun, the mobile ghost trap and all the interiors of the 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor. What better occasion to celebrate the release of the new movie than to treat yourself to this wonderful set?


Amerigo Whiskey Stones Gift Set of 2 Whiskey Glasses

If you are a Whisk lover (e) yo have friends who are passionate, you will surely know that to enjoy it correctly you need to have the right "equipment". You don't always think about these details but this wonderful Amerigo set for Whiskey is definitely the perfect gift for any enthusiast. Inside the beautiful wooden box you will find a set to best taste your whiskeys and in detail: 2 exclusive whiskey glasses, two granite coasters and 8 granite cubes to cool your drinks. A splendid gift box that will make every enthusiast happy!


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