One Piece, mizuhart's Boa Hancock cosplay is full of love

One Piece, mizuhart's Boa Hancock cosplay is full of love

One Piece

Boa Hancock is a powerful and fascinating character of the One Piece series, who hides a decidedly romantic side, as well summarized by the cosplay of mizuhart, who plays her in a moment full of love for her Luffy.

The costume worn by the cosplayer is typical of the character, but in this case she wears it with particular grace and delicacy. Also, ours is lying on a bed with Luffy's straw hat in hand. Who knows if she will ever be able to marry him!

Boa Hancock is the lady of Amazon Lily, as well as the captain of the pirates Kuja. She is considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the world, due to her slender physique and long black hair. She always goes around in the company of a long snake, called Salomé.

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One Piece Shares Details for New Opening Theme

One Piece has shared the first details for its next big opening theme! Now that the anime has officially crossed the impressive milestone of 1,000 episodes, it's time to look ahead to the future for what is coming next as the Wano Country arc continues. The current opening theme has been with the series for over 60 episodes at this point (outside of that cool remake of the first opening theme sequence for the 1000th episode celebration), and fans have been wondering when to expect the next opening theme for the latter half of the War on Onigashima. 

The official Twitter account for the series revealed just that as One Piece has shared the first details for the next opening theme. Titled 'Paint,' it will be performed by rock group 'I Don't Like Mondays' and will be debuting with the January 9th episode of the anime. It's currently unclear as to which episode this will actually be as there needs to be an account for potential holiday breaks and the like heading into the final weeks of the year, but it's certainly going to be a big way to kick off 2022 for the anime.

TVアニメ『ONE PIECE』新主題歌がI Don’t Like Mondays.「PAINT」に決定!!

フィギュアが当たる再生&ダウンロードキャンペーンも実施予定! #アイドラ

— ONEワンピース) (@OPcom_info) November 29, 2021

This will mark the 24th opening theme for the anime's 1000 episodes thus far, and will be following 'Dreamin On' which has been marking the second phase of the Wano Country arc. It originally debuted with a tease of what was to come for that eventual battle on Onigashima, but now that the anime has reached this battle officially this opening is outdated (even after its update). That makes the next opening all the more exciting as it depends on whether or not Toei Animation will use the opportunity to showcase much of what's to come next. 


The final phase of the War on Onigashima is kicking into gear in the manga, and there are some choice scenes that fans can't wait to see animated. A way to bring even more excitement to this would be to show off much of it with the new opening theme sequence, but we won't get to see what that's like until what is likely the first episode airing in 2022. But what do you think? Are you ready for One Piece to bring in a new opening? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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