Apple: AR / VR headset will arrive in 2022, will be as powerful as a Mac, for Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple: AR / VR headset will arrive in 2022, will be as powerful as a Mac, for Ming-Chi Kuo


Apple's rumored augmented and virtual reality headset should arrive in late 2022, according to well-known analyst / insider Ming-Chi Kuo, and will probably also cost a lot, considering that inside it will have hardware capable of generating computational power comparable to a Mac. .

According to reports from Kuo, Apple's AR viewer is based on a chip similar to the current M1 used by Macs based on the new "Apple Silicon" architecture, which in fact can represent a significant revolution also for as far as wearable technology is concerned, what Apple's new AR / VR headset should look like.

The Apple AR / VR headset in one of many hypothetical designs In addition to this, there should be a second supporting processor to cover further tasks.

This also means that the device will be autonomous, it will not need cables or to connect in any way to iPhone or Mac, having in fact an independent hardware. "We expect Apple's AR headset to launch in the fourth quarter of 2022 and will feature two processors: the more powerful will have similar characteristics to the M1 in Macs, while the smaller one will be dedicated to sensor-related functions." >
It will still be a device with a lot of power: "The design of the energy management unit (PMU) of the higher performance processor will be similar to that of the M1, because it is the same level of computational power "Kuo reported.

It is also interesting that, according to the analyst, Apple's AR viewer will also be able to support virtual reality, thanks to the application of two 4K micro OLED displays developed by Sony, which also need these of a rather powerful processor. Reportedly, the computational power superior to that of an iPhone would guarantee the ability to manage this function as well: "For example, the VR headset requires at least 6-8 optical modules to continuously deliver information through the lenses, in services with Active AR. In comparison, an iPhone requires up to 3 simultaneous optical modules but does not require a continuous stream of data management from the processor. "

Just last month it was revealed that Apple's AR / VR headset it was postponed because it was more complex than expected and the idea that it could cost as much as the $ 3,000 that had previously emerged seems to take on consistency.

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