Proof, Porsche 992 Turbo: the stealth missile from Stuttgart

Proof, Porsche 992 Turbo: the stealth missile from Stuttgart

Proof, Porsche 992 Turbo

It is not easy to express an opinion on a car of this type, precisely because the 992 Turbo is an incredible car that leaves you breathless when you drive it and enthusiasts already know that they will be confronted with a solution close to perfection. In the Porsche range, the supercar, because that is what it is, is positioned almost at the top of the category, a breath away from its even more performing sister 992 Turbo S, which benefits from an additional injection of power. While the Turbo subject of this test "stops" at 580 Hp, the Turbo S reaches 640 Hp.

Before writing this test, we wanted to wait a few days from the end of our test to be able to think in mind lucid as the sensations it manages to make you feel change the perception of a car for anyone who has the pleasure of getting on board; 992 Turbo has always had a difficult task, in fact breathtaking performance must be combined with everyday usability and this was one of the main aspects we focused on in our test. The customer of this car is different from the one who buys a 992 Carrera or a sportier GT3, in fact he is a person who does not intend to compromise of any kind and wants the best possible performance - as on GT3 - combined with the comfort of a classic Carrera to be able to use it in all conditions, also thanks to the 4-wheel drive. The magic of this car is that despite having high-level supercar performance, if configured in a neutral color, it also manages not to attract attention - a requirement sought by many owners - even if the most passionate will immediately be able to distinguish it.

The numbers are impressive, 0-100 in 2.8s and over 320 km / h of maximum speed immediately make you understand what you are dealing with; the set-up of the 992 Turbo is lowered by 10 mm compared to the other cars of the same family and this, together with the enlarged bodywork, manages to give it an even more threatening and imposing appearance. One of the key features of the Turbo series has always been the presence of a rear spoiler and here too it is clearly visible even if much less aggressive than that found on the GT3.

The cockpit is well finished, equipped with all the comfort that can be expected from a car of this type, driving comfort is also decidedly high and it should be emphasized that it is marked by stiffness even in the softest setting so as not to compromise the great qualities of this chassis. Turbo has always been famous for its dual personality, in fact it is possible to easily exploit the car both in extremely demanding conditions, such as in a circuit, and in everyday driving, such as going shopping. Despite the dimensions and the look of a true supercar, the space on board is still adequate and you can store your shopping both in the large front trunk and between the two rear seats. We were pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of using this car even in a city like Milan where, between bumps, holes and traffic, we thought we would encounter many more difficulties. Fortunately, thanks to the front axle lifting system (optional), we were able to drive it everywhere and park it in the box with particularly steep ramps, always remaining with a large margin of space under the front bumper.

As soon as you start the car you are in Normal mode with the exhausts closed and the suspensions in Soft mode; this combination can put anyone at ease as the impressive 3.8 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine remains docile and elastic even at low revs.

All this is spiced up by the 8-speed PDK gearbox which - we cannot describe it in another way - he literally reads the driver's mind managing to perfectly manage every aspect of the car. The mode we preferred, however, is Sport; in the latter, the throttle response is much more prompt than in Normal and with the exhaust set in open mode, you can enjoy many pops in the release phase that are able to further enrich an already impressive sensory experience. In Sport Plus there are minimal variations regarding the calibration of the throttle but the rear wing and the front splitter are also extended in order to increase the aerodynamic load, moreover the gurglings we love of the Sport mode disappear, leaving room for substance and removing anything that could distract the driver from lap time.

We also tested the Launch Control system which manages to get this aircraft off, from 0-100, in just 2.8s. The experience is truly impressive, the thrust appears vigorous and constant from the very first seconds; if on the one hand acceleration is the sensation that will most upset you, even the pre-load of the two stunning turbines will help to embellish the moment. We could not push the car to its maximum expression, thanks to the absence of a suitable place, but it is not difficult to find videos on the web shot in Germany where this car covers 0-200 km / h in just 9.7s, even if the data that left us most amazed - and that we were able to try with our hands - concerns the distance from 80 km / h to 120 km / h which takes place in just 1.7s. The handling is superb , the suspensions - especially in rigid mode - manage to keep the car flat and controllable even on high-speed curves despite the weight of almost 1,700 kg is not easily negligible. The result is still a controllable car that manages to inspire confidence even in demanding situations, it is difficult to put the 992 Turbo in crisis and for this we only have to thank the engineers of the German house. Consumption is certainly not that of a small car, Porsche declares an average of 12 l / 100km but in our use we recorded about 16 - 17 l / 100 km; being able to travel in total comfort with all this power requires a considerable amount of petrol but we are sure that it will not be a problem for those who decide to buy such a car.

The price of this car is in fact decidedly high but in line with the competition, in fact if a basic 992 Carrera starts from 115,690 euros, for 992 Turbo it starts from 201,190 euros and, in the configuration we tested, it reaches over 240,000 euros thanks to the presence of very important options such as the '' sports exhaust system (3159 euros), the SportDesign package in glossy black (5819 euros), the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (3294 euros), the front axle lift system (2476 euros) and the Burmester audio system (3269 euro).

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