It is no longer the time to underestimate the no vaxes

It is no longer the time to underestimate the no vaxes

Violence and aggression at demonstrations against green passes and vaccinations show that we cannot liquidate this minority to "four cats". Politics needs an answer

Protesters against the green pass in Rome (Photo: Ipa) “Are you a journalist? Then I'll cut your throat ”. We have reached this point in Rome, on a Monday in late August. On 30 August, an unprecedented school worker previously unknown to the police, turns into an attacker and punches a reporter, Francesco Giovannetti, a video journalist for the Repubblica. A few days earlier, again in the capital, Antonella Alba of Rainews was attacked. There is a multiplication of stalking and threats to doctors such as Matteo Bassetti or the assaults on party principals in the street, such as the one at the gazebo of the 5 Star Movement in Milan.

For the first of September, "no vax" movements and "No pass" have planned a blockade of railway stations, to protest against the extension of the green pass to transport. Forza Nuova will be seen in Tiburtina in the afternoon. Again, on 15 September the “no vax” and “no pass” calendar provides for the national procession of all the “self-managed people”. Always in the decimated Rome.

How far can freedom of opinion go? Can we continue to authorize demonstrations that lead to harassment and beatings, where some of those constitutional rights that the dangerous galaxy "no vax" fills its mouth with are now systematically trampled on?

The answer is no. Instead, since June of last year we have been closing not one, but both of our eyes. The “let's let them vent, it's four cats” strategy doesn't work. They are not winning, this is not. But they are not four cats: we must largely exceed the threshold of 80% of vaccinable with double dose. Below, protection will certainly be limited to the personal sphere but will not be able to unleash the effects we expect from mass coverage.

Without adhering to the even broader vaccination campaign, we therefore risk a lot: even the Organization World Health Organization has returned to reiterate this, warning of the slowdown in administrations in the Old Continent and of the deaths that await us. This mix of assorted rebels, often well founded on political positions of hyperlocal income (see Forza Nuova and neo-fascist groups), at other times completely impromptu, almost children of the desire to emerge from anonymity, must end.

Even the secret services have been warning about this dangerous slope for some time: the risk is in fact even higher than last year. First, because it questions the success of the vaccination campaign and the return to a possible normality. Almost two million over 60s have not received even a dose of the vaccine: they risk it, of course. But we too, all of us, are at risk, especially against a much more contagious variant and with levels of protection from infection decreasing after a few months. Above all, those who really cannot get vaccinated are at risk.

Second, now this non-movement is more transversal than before. We must take this issue seriously: patting the Italian on the back is not enough, we need complaints, trials, bans when the demonstrations are not peaceful and are not requested in the manner prescribed. We cannot hide behind the taste for the disturbing, the picturesque, nor can we dismiss those people with a joke or, precisely, with the refrain of the four cats.

There are pieces of school, business and commerce involved, the usual professional poisoners, people who work constantly in contact with the public, tough residues of health personnel (in Turin six doctors suspended from the Order). It is a piece of Italy, undoubtedly a minority but no less dangerous, which is attentive to the health of the rest of the country, to its physical safety (as shown by the events in Rome) and mental, because it leaves a vaccination campaign for the rest fast and effective on the verge of possible failure. Violence is not an opinion and neither is the deliberate choice to cause health problems an opinion guaranteed by the Constitution. At this point it is up to the government to give a definitive answer, introducing the vaccination obligation and putting these people up to their own responsibilities. Inside or outside the community.

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