007: No Time To Die, release date confirmed

007: No Time To Die, release date confirmed


The many fans of James Bond and his reckless adventures remained in suspense for many long months waiting to find out when they would be able to enjoy the latest chapter of this historic film saga at the cinema. 007: No Time To Die is the latest film in the series directed by Cary Fukunaga and once again sees Daniel Craig take on the role of the main protagonist, Agent 007.

Due to the slowdowns imposed by the pandemic yet underway since Covid-19 and other problems such as product placement, the theatrical release of 007: No Time To Die has been postponed several times, but now the film has a certain release date, which has been recently confirmed .

007: No Time To Die to be presented at the Zurich Film Festival

In an unprecedented move, the 17th Zurich Film Festival will screen the Swiss premiere of 007: No Time To Die lo same day as the world premiere in London on 28 September. This is a very important and unprecedented event because it is the first time that a James Bond film will be screened in the official selection of a festival.

The screening of the fifth and last film of the saga starring Daniel Craig as 007 will take place two days before the film's theatrical release scheduled for September 30 by Universal Pictures.

Following its screening at the new 1,200-seat Zurich Convention Center, the festival will present a second screening of the film on October 28th, in the same venue. The festival, which runs from 23 September to 3 October, will also feature a retrospective of Craig's four previous appearances as the British super spy and a new documentary, Being James Bond.

Cary Joji Fukunaga directed the 25th film in the Bond saga. The story, co-written with Phoebe Waller-Bridge, opens with a retired 007 in Jamaica, where he is approached by old friend Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) and enlisted to rescue a scientist who has been kidnapped.

Rami Malek plays the evil Safin and the cast also includes Christoph Waltz, Léa Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw and Naomie Harris. The organizers of the Zurich Film Festival will unveil the complete program of the event on September 9th.

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No Time to Die: Lashana Lynch reflects on racist and misogynistic backlash to 007 casting

Lashana Lynch has reflected on the racist, misogynistic online backlash to her casting as 007 in No Time to Die.

The actor plays a “female version” of 007 in the new Bond film, alongside Daniel Craig’s spy. Her character Nomi entered active duty after Bond retired following the events of Spectre.

When her casting was revealed in 2019, Lynch was subjected to abuse from trolls who argued 007 should only be played by a white man. Speaking in a new LA Times interview, Lynch has now said: “I don’t have anything to say to the trolls apart from it’s none of my business what you think, you have the freedom to live in your truth just like I have the freedom to live in mine.”

Lynch is only the fifth Black woman to have a major role in a Bond film across 25 movies, with Gloria Hendry, Grace Jones, Halle Berry and Naomie Harris making up the other four.

“They were fantastic,” Lynch said of her predecessors. “When Halle Berry was in it, when Naomie was in it – who’s now a friend so I appreciate her even more – it just meant that I could relate to this very quintessentially English franchise and actually relate it to my life. I didn’t need to be a fighter or know how to handle a gun or anything like that to be able to relate to these women. They just felt like members of my family onscreen.”

She said she hopes her casting inspires young Black women, adding: “We know how it feels to be mis- and under-represented and we know how it feels to yearn for someone, anyone in the world to speak our truth for us when we feel like we don’t have a voice. And I’m hoping that my career and my choice in roles and me just being me, authentically, is shining a light on our power.”

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No Time to Die, which is Craig’s final outing as 007, has been met with several delays due to the pandemic.

The film, which also stars Léa Seydoux, Harris and Rami Malek, was originally supposed to hit screens in April 2020.

Studio bosses have since confirmed that the 25th James Bond film will arrive in cinemas on 30 September.

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