The Eagle Pictures home video releases of September 2021

The Eagle Pictures home video releases of September 2021

The great auteur cinema is coming in September, unmissable action and films for the whole family coming thanks to the Home Video news from Eagle Pictures. It begins on 8 September with Il bad poeta by Gianluca Jodice, available in DVD and Blu-Ray format. Candidate for 5 Silver Ribbons, including Best Debut Director to Gianluca Jodice and Best Leading Actor to Sergio Castellitto, the film tells the story of the two-year period 1936 - 1937, a period in which the Empire of Italy is about to reach its maximum extension, two overflowing personalities have been fighting a more or less underground duel that has lasted for about twenty years: Mussolini and d'Annunzio.

Giovanni Comini has just been promoted federal, the youngest that Italy can boast. This is how he wanted his mentor, Achille Starace, secretary of the Fascist Party and number two of the regime. Comini is immediately summoned to Rome for a delicate mission: he will have to supervise Gabriele d 'Annunzio and put him in a position to do no harm. Yes, because the poet, the national poet, has recently appeared disappointed, and Mussolini fears it could damage his imminent alliance with Hitler's Germany. But at the Vittoriale, the political plan of which Comini is only a small executor will begin to lose its solid contours and the young federal, torn between loyalty to the Party and fascination for the poet, will end up seriously endangering his career. .

Eagle Pictures: all international releases

From September 15th Florian Zeller's The Father will be available, published thanks to Eagle Pictures on DVD and Blu-Ray. Winner of two Academy Awards including Best Actor to Anthony Hopkins and Best Non-Original Screenplay, the film is an elegant and intense chamber drama made unforgettable by the haunting and acclaimed performance of Hopkins. Anthony (Anthony Hopkins), a brilliant retired engineer, resides in a middle-class London neighborhood and wants to continue living alone, despite the increasingly evident signs that his head is no longer what it used to be. He insists on categorically rejecting any caregiver proposed by his daughter Anne (Olivia Colman), who is about to move to Paris from the man she loves and can no longer think of leaving her father alone. But is it really so? Who is the stranger who claims to be Anne's husband and who claims to have lived in that house for years? Why is that couple bothering him? Yet Anthony is sure this is his apartment. Man's certainties begin to crumble, it seems that the world has stopped following the usual rules. Lost, confused, without answers, Anthony desperately tries to understand what is going on around him.

From September 22nd, a meeting for the whole family with Peter Rabbit 2: A rogue on the run by Will Gluck, second chapter on Adventures of the Beloved Bunny Combines Trouble, available in DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K formats. Dubbed in the Italian version by the unmistakable voice of Nicola Savino, this new chapter of Peter Rabbit is enriched with new characters and interesting themes: a fascinating, fun and perfect adventure for the whole family. Bea, Thomas and the other rabbits are a wonderful family, but despite his best efforts Peter just can't lose his bad reputation. After venturing out of the garden once again, he finds himself catapulted into a world where his way of doing things is appreciated, but when his family has to risk everything to find him, Peter will have to figure out which side to be on and what kind of bunny. will want to become.

Also from September 22, the award-winning Another Round by Thomas Vinterberg arrives on Home Video, available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film, Thomas Vinterberg signs a new masterpiece, mysteriously engaging, out of all moral and capable of celebrating life, starring an exceptional Mads Mikkelsen. There is a theory that all of us are born with a small amount of alcohol already present in the blood and that, therefore, a little intoxication can open our minds to the world around us, decreasing our perception of problems and increasing our our creativity. Buoyed by this theory, Martin and three of his friends, all bored high school teachers, embark on an experiment to maintain a constant level of drunkenness throughout the working day. If Churchill won World War II in the throes of a heavy alcohol stun, who knows what a few drinks could do for them and their students?

A Man Above the Law by Robert Lorenz will be available on September 29, historic collaborator of Clint Eastwood, here grappling with an adrenaline-pumping action starring star Liam Neeson, published in DVD and Blu-Ray format. Director Robert Lorenz is Clint Eastwood's longtime collaborator and producer of Oscar-nominated films including Mystic River, Letters from Iwo Jima and American Sniper, as well as directing Back In The Game starring Eastwood himself. Jim Hanson (Liam Neeson) is a former US Marine Corps sniper and scout, as well as a Vietnam War veteran. He now he has a ranch on the border between Arizona and Mexico and all he wants is to be left alone. One day, however, he witnesses the escape of 11-year-old Miguel (Jacob Perez) and his mother Rosa (Teresa Ruiz), Mexican citizens hunted by a gang of drug cartel killers led by the ruthless Mauricio (Juan Pablo Raba). Following a shooting, Rosa is shot to death and begs Jim to take his son to his family in Chicago. The two set off, but the Mexican hit men have false passports, are armed to the teeth and want the boy at all costs. Between corrupt cops and fights to the death, Jim will have to bring out all his military skills and his code of honor to defend the boy.

The great classics in 4K Ultra HD version

Eagle Pictures continues to offer great classics in 4K Ultra HD version. Among the novelties of the month, the unmissable Columbia Classics - Volume 2 box set, with 16 discs (6 4K and 8 Blu-ray) containing six great classics (Taxi Driver, Anatomy of a crime, The Social Network, Oliver !, Reason and Sentiment, Stripes - A Platoon of Crackers) completely remastered for their 4K Ultra HD debut, and Jim Henson's cult fantasy Labyrinth starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly consisting of two discs (Blu-ray 4K and Blu-ray HD) accompanied by an exclusive book.

Also in September, appointment with the new releases of the 4KULT series by Eagle Pictures, dedicated to unmissable limited edition 4K reissues of films that have marked the history of cinema, containing a card from numbered collection: Richard Attenborough's award-winning biopic Gandhi, winner of 8 Oscars, Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece Doctor Strangelove starring the great Peter Sellers and finally Emile Ardolin's cult 80s Dirty Dancing or starring Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray in an edition full of extra content.

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