iPhone 13 could support satellite calls

iPhone 13 could support satellite calls

A modification to the Qualcomm X60 chip could guarantee the possibility of making calls and sending text messages even in the absence of a cellular signal

(Photo: @SonnyDickson Twitter) One of the most interesting innovations of the next iPhone 13 could be the module for the satellite connection that will allow you to make phone calls and send text messages even in the absence of cellular signal. A feature that could be very useful for certain professional categories.

The indiscretion comes from the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who - after a well-deserved summer break - has returned to the office with the usual barrage of rumors about new generation of iPhone by expected in mid-September. The fulcrum of the novelty would be the Qualcomm X60 chip modified ad hoc to be able to anticipate the future generation X65 which should be equipped with satellite connection as standard. A strategic move that would give Apple an advantage of almost a year over the competition.

The partner that would make available the constellation of low earth orbit satellites (leo, low earth orbit) for the global connection would not be Starlink di Elon Musk, but Globastar. Who might be interested in this special feature? Professionals or researchers working in remote areas, such as on platforms in the middle of the ocean or in Antarctica, personnel on board ships, but also anyone who is in parts of the globe far from inhabited centers and with poor signal coverage, such as forests and woods, high mountains or steppes.

In short, one more option that could make the iPhone 13 family even more attractive to another category of potential buyers, which, however, cannot yet be 100% certain. In fact, there are some details to clarify, such as the antenna speech: all satellite phones have a very obvious one, how will Apple solve this need? With an external module?

We just have to wait a few more weeks: according to the latest rumors, Apple should hold the presentation on September 14th and deliver the first units on September 24th. Here are all the latest rumors about the design, technical features and other features of the next smartphone of the bitten apple.

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