Xbox, the strange problem of a user taken to heart by Microsoft

Xbox, the strange problem of a user taken to heart by Microsoft


A question recently raised on Twitter has attracted the attention of many users, interested in the direct response of an employee of the Xbox team. Gamer Gabriel Roland showed his avatar image of him, a frightened Pac-Man ghost, particularly reduced within the space where his gamerpic could be seen. According to the user, the Microsoft team is continuously reducing the size of the icon through new console updates, since it is an old image purchased with Xbox Points in 2006 on his Xbox 360.

“Not I'll give up ”he wrote in the tweet you find below, to then receive an answer directly from Eden Marie, Engineering lead of the Xbox team, who took the matter particularly to heart. The girl then decided to take action personally to solve the problem, trying to understand how to bring the image back to an acceptable size. He then showed all the processes he had to follow, starting from the very purchase of the package that contains the icon, costing $ 2.38, up to even going on to stories about the creative processes that led to the creation of the interface. herself.

The girl came to discover that Xbox 360 gamerpics could support PNG images with transparency. As a result, after a few days of work, Eden Marie was finally able to fix the Pac-Man avatar icon bringing it not only to an acceptable size but also to maintain the original transparency. Gabriel Roland, who had initially brought this issue to light, thanked the Xbox girl and complimented the quick timeline.

Listen, I can't promise anything, but I'm going to make it my personal mission to fix this

- Eden Marie (@neonepiphany) August 25, 2021

However, other users are reporting that they are experiencing a similar situation: unfortunately Marie explained that she could not help everyone since in fixing the Roland icon she understood that the process had to be done for every single gamerpic, which which would take too long. However, they are working on an update to fix this problem on all avatars of the Xbox 360 era. In any case, it is more than pleased to see that even an Engineering Lead from the Xbox team has personally taken action to help a player. In the meantime, we remind you that the launch date of Halo Infinite has been announced.

It's a lot of fun, and sometimes, you even learn something new, like… apparently 360 gamerpics supported transparency all along?


Anyway, what do you think, @noukon? Feel better about that dollar?

- Eden Marie (@neonepiphany) August 27, 2021

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Xbox Exclusive Delayed Right Before Release

An upcoming Xbox console exclusive -- coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S -- has been delayed right before release. This week, it was confirmed Halo Infinite is releasing this year, meaning it's not being delayed to 2022 like every other game and like everyone expected it to be. This hasn't changed, but another Xbox console exclusive has been pushed back right before its release.

More specifically, publisher Thunderful Publishing and developer Image & Form Games have announced that The Gunk, which was scheduled to release in September, has been moved to December. When in December it will release, isn't disclosed, but the pair did release the game's first gameplay trailer alongside the news and confirmed it will cost $30 at launch for anyone not subscribed to Xbox Game Pass.

It's unclear why the game is no longer making its September window, but it presumably comes down to the title needing a little bit more time in the oven.

'From the creators of the SteamWorld franchise -- the action series that tells the tales of steam-driven robot adventures and that has garnered more than 100 awards and nominations -- comes a completely new game, The Gunk,' reads an official blurb about the game. 'Embark on an all-new adventure in a vast and exotic world where you’ll encounter terrifying enemies and challenging puzzles on your quest to unravel the mystery of a forgotten planet, while saving it in the process.'

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As always, feel free to hit the comments section with your thoughts or, alternatively, hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know over there. Will you be checking this one out when it releases in December or will you be too busy playing Halo Infinite multiplayer?

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