One Piece: Vivi's Adventure, the special free chapter on Manga Plus

One Piece: Vivi's Adventure, the special free chapter on Manga Plus

One Piece

One Piece: Vivi's Adventure, the new special chapter of One Piece, designed by Naoshi Komi, famous author for the manga Nisekoi, published in Italy by Star Comics while the homonymous anime adaptation is still unpublished, is now available, for free, on Manga Plus and you can read it at this link.

About One Piece: Vivi's Adventure

One Piece: Vivi's Adventure, original name Vivi no Boken, edited by Naoshi Komi, is chapter 216 of the manga by Eiichiro Oda, collected in volume 23 of the series, published this month in the number 39 of Weekly Shonen Jump.

One Piece: Vivi's Adventure consists of 48 pages, including one in color, and revisits under the style of the master Komi, the famous scene of the narrative arc of Alabasta after the conclusion of the long battle (chapter 216).

We propose again the color illustration of the project with Vivi and Luffy:

One Piece: Vivi's Adventure is part of the Cover Comic Project of One Piece born on the occasion of the 20th anniversary that re-proposes some iconic events of the manga drawn by some selected authors.

Two other special chapters will be published on issues 40 and 41 of Weekly Shonen Jump. The first is edited by the authors of Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki: it will be titled One Piece: Shokugeki no Sanji and will focus on Sanji Vinsmoke. The second is instead made by Sohei Koji and will be a special chapter of One Piece Gakuen (One Piece Academy).

About One Piece

Eiichiro Oda has started the serialization of One Piece on 22l 1997 the pages of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump. Volume 99 was released in Japan on June 4, 2021, while volume 100 will be released on September 3.

In Italy the series is published by the Star Comics publishing house with 98 volumes available. Volume 98 was published with pvc dust jacket, maxi poster and a collectible postcard (you can find it on Amazon!):

In the phantasmagoric universe of One Piece there is no word "rest", and the tireless mind of the master Oda is constantly at work to give birth to new, crazy adventures for the strangest gang of pirates there is!

As the final battle on the Island of the Orcs flares up, Yamato, Kaido's progeny, expresses the will to fight alongside Luffy. Meanwhile, the Emperor at the head of the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, to the dismay of those present, illustrates the true nature of the project for the New Onigashima: together with Big Mom he intends to plunge the world into terror!

The anime adaptation is available on Crunchyroll in subtitled edition, while Netflix is ​​developing the live-action.

'One Piece' 1024 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date And More

  • 'One Piece' 1024 will reportedly release on Sept. 5
  • The upcoming chapter might offer updates on the Big Mom vs. Kid and Law fight
  • Fans might also find out what happened to Kinemon, Kiku and Denjiro
  • Luffy will travel back to Onigashima in 'One Piece' 1024, following the hit manga's explosive chapter that teased fans about the origin of King the Conflagration, the roots of Roronoa Zoro and the abrupt maturity of Oden's son Momonouske.

    Chapter 1023 Highlights and Roundup

    The previous chapter of 'One Piece' provided fans a deluge of information about some of the fan-favorite characters in the manga. The installment revealed King the Conflagration belongs to one of the rumored extinct races, Lunaria. 

    It also showcased the Sanji and Zoro vs. King the Conflagration and Queen the Plague team battle. Moreover, it hinted that the result of this battle will be crucial to the overall outcome of the war in Onigashima.

    ONE PIECE | Wano Kuni Arc Recap Part 2 | Toei Animation

    A 5-minute look back at Act Two of the Wano Kuni arc from 'One Piece'! Photo: TOEI ANIMATION Official U.S. Official YouTube Channel

    'One Piece' 1023 also teased Zoro's roots which, based on Kawamatsu and Hyogoro's conversation, could be traced back to the Shimutsuki clan.

    Furthermore, the previous manga installment revealed Shinobu finally gave in to Momonosuke's desperation to make him an adult. Now 28 years old, Oden's son, along with Luffy, is preparing to return to Onigahsima.

    Chapter 1024 Predictions and Spoilers

    More explosive revelations and events are expected to unfold as the war in Onigashima reaches its apex. 'One Piece' 1024 could show Luffy and Momo arriving at the roof of the Skull Dome, where Kaido and Yamato are currently fighting.

    Fans might also get an update on the epic battle between the Yonko and his son Yamato. They may also find out the latest about Usopp, Nami and Tama, as well as on the Yonko-tier battle of Supernovas Kidd and Law against Big Mom. What happened to Kinemon, Kiku and Denjiro might also be revealed in the upcoming chapter.

    Raw Scans and Spoilers Release Date

    The manga releases a new chapter every week. If there are no delays or changes to the schedule, fans can expect 'One Piece' 1024 on Sept. 5.

    As for the new set of spoilers, fans can look forward to them sometime between Sept. 7 and 8. And, raw scans with English translations could surface online sometime between Sept. 9 and 10.

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