PlayStation 5: what happened to the first games announced?

PlayStation 5: what happened to the first games announced?

PlayStation 5

A year has passed since the official presentation of the PlayStation 5. On that occasion, Sony, in addition to unveiling the design and accessories of the console, showed the first video game trailers coming out for this new game machine. We were therefore able to admire with our own eyes the titles arriving on PlayStation 5 at launch and in the following months, also taking a quick look at the highly anticipated Gran Turismo 7 and Horizon Forbidden West still without a release date. Overall Sony threw a respectable event, providing a broad overview of the PlayStation ecosystem at the start of this new generation of consoles. But what happened to those very first games announced at the PlayStation 5 debut showcase? For the occasion, we went to review Sony's presentation, in order to take stock of the situation a year later and summarize which ones have come out and which ones are still in development.

Video games at launch

In addition to offering a rich PlayStation Plus Collection with the most popular titles of the last generation available in backwards compatibility, Sony prepared a catalog of video games for the launch of all respect. During the console presentation event we saw all of these titles in action, both through trailers and with actual gameplay videos. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales was designed to reach a wide audience, given the global popularity of Spider-Man. Despite being a reduced experience compared to the previous chapter released on PS4, this new Spider-Man adventure still made us appreciate again a completely renewed New York with next-gen technologies. For a more casual experience, we saw Sackboy a great adventure, ideal for lighter gaming entertainment, perhaps to share with friends and family. This platform game takes its cue from the best titles in the genre, bringing classic mechanics into a fun and genuine mix of gameplay. Sony wanted to satisfy even the most hardcore gamers, proposing the remake of Demon's Souls made by Bluepoint Games. The progenitor of the Souls series has undergone heavy modernization work, especially from a technical point of view. The final result reflects the original soul of the title with a truly breathtaking graphic aspect. During the event, we also saw trailers of the NBA 2K21 and Godfall cross-platform games, both of which were released on PlayStation 5 at the launch of the console. While the 2K Sports game has managed to conquer the public again with an improved technical sector and excellent gameplay, the same cannot be said of Godfall. The Counterplay Games looter shooter did not succeed in his intent, despite having proposed some interesting and original ideas. PlayStation Plus subscribers, on the other hand, were offered Bugsnax, another title with a not very complex but undoubtedly intriguing gameplay. Finally, every PlayStation 5 sold has Astro's Playroom inside. It is an exquisite title with which we have retraced the history of PlayStation consoles, also experiencing the potential of the DualSense pad for the first time. This three-dimensional platformer virtually transported us to the PlayStation 5, where every internal component acted as a portal to a new level of the game.

Subsequent releases

Ratchet, the lombax protagonist of the video game Rift Apart Since the presentation event of the PlayStation 5 Sony had made us understand what would be the timetable for the release of video games on the new gaming platform. Hitman 3 in the next-gen version arrived in January with a solid update to better exploit the power of the new Sony console. The last chapter of this trilogy signed by IO Interactive brought the famous Agent 47 back into action on his stealth missions. The good variety of levels combined with different types of approach makes Hitman 3 a title to play, especially if you are a lover of the genre. In February, however, we saw Destruction Allstars, a rather frenetic multiplayer title, included directly in the selection of video games given away via the PlayStation Plus. Fortunately it was not sold at full price as initially expected, because despite offering original gameplay, it lacks depth and contents to be explored continuously. Arrived in April we were pleasantly surprised by the exclusive Returnal, a roguelike with an excellent technical sector and an intriguing plot. The protagonist of Returnal, falling with the spaceship on an unknown planet, enters a time loop, which acts as a bit of a narrative thread to the roguelike nature of the game. With each of our deaths we will start from the beginning, maintaining some skills and in general the experience gained during our hours of play. In the same month we were also able to get our hands on the original Oddworld Soulstorm, also available for free through the PlayStation Plus. It is a nice reboot of the series, but not without some rather important problems, especially related to a control system often. slow and unresponsive. Sony during the presentation of PlayStation 5 has also dedicated space to Resident Evil Village, also released on other platforms in May. Three years have passed since the events of the previous chapter, but Ethan again finds himself facing a new nightmare in a mysterious snowy village. Only a few weeks ago instead we told you about Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart, another exclusive dedicated to the new generation Sony console that takes advantage of the speed of the SSD to offer lively gameplay and a good variety in settings. The adventure of our favorite lombax continues with a technical sector at the levels of the best Pixar films, as well as a frenetic and satisfying combat system, especially for the excellent integration with the DualSense control system.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

One of the new intellectual properties that captured our interest most during the PlayStation 5 presentation event was the new video game signed by Ember Lab. The world of Kena: Bridge of Spirits seems inspired, the combat system appears valid and certainly the quality of the entire production is evident. It is still a rather small production, but the development team seems willing to bring a small precious stone into our living rooms. Waiting for the release scheduled for August 24th, we invite you to read our recent preview.


Despite having been incorporated into Microsoft studios in the famous acquisition of Bethesda, Arkane Studios is preparing to launch Deathloop, a first-person action exclusive temporary for PlayStation 5 and PC. Just as the title suggests, in Deathloop we will find ourselves trapped in a time loop in which our goal will be to eliminate eight different characters in the space of a day. If we run out of time or if we die trying to accomplish the mission, then we will start from scratch. The game over in Deathloop is therefore part of the experience offered by Arkane Studios, in a frenetic gameplay similar to Dishonored, but much more dynamic and fast. It is now close to its release, scheduled for September 14, but in the meantime we leave you the latest gameplay video shown at Sony's State of Play above.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

Made under the direction of Shinji Mikami, well-known creator of the Resident Evil survival horror saga, Ghostwire: Tokyo will hit shelves next October exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC. The information shared by the development studio is very little, despite its imminent release. Our last look at the title dates back to a year ago, when we were able to discover a few more details about the setting and gameplay. The protagonist will have to save Tokyo from supernatural spirits, able to be perceived only by our alter ego. Everything will take place in first person with a combat system that involves the use of powers in an apparently frenetic formula, even if we could see some more reasoned stealth sections. Who knows if the game will be able to meet its release currently scheduled for the end of the year.

Horizon Forbidden West

While still not having an official confirmation on its arrival by the end of 2021 , it is the turn of Horizon Forbidden West, also seen for the first time during the presentation event of PlayStation 5. The game of Guerrilla Games was the protagonist of a recent State of Play by Sony, giving hope that it will not be so much to its official release on PS4 and PS5. In the last gameplay video we finally saw this fantastic game in an open world setting in action: the protagonist Aloy immediately seemed to us in splendid shape, with an improved hand-to-hand combat system and underwater gameplay to be discovered. Technically stunning, as well as intriguing was the brief opening of the plot that we were able to grasp from the few minutes of video shared by the developers. It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated titles, which we hope will soon arrive in our hands to catapult us back into this imaginary future dominated by robotic machines.

Gran Turismo 7

Following the announcement during the PlayStation 5 unveiling event, Gran Tursimo 7 has disappeared from our radar. In the short video prepared ad hoc by the guys at Polyphony Digital we saw a technically advanced title, above all thanks to the presence of new technologies such as ray tracing, but together with the release now scheduled for 2022, Sony recently confirmed that the game will also arrive. on PlayStation 4, leading to raising more than a few eyebrows. How much the limits of the older generation will not allow GT7 to push the accelerator is to be understood, but in the meantime we hope to see new gameplay videos and game details as soon as possible.


Officially presented with the name Project Athia, and then renamed Forspoken, the new fantasy adventure from Square-Enix immediately struck for its visual impact, but also for some intriguing gameplay ideas. It is an open world action adventure with a strong emphasis on story. The present day girl protagonist of the adventure will be catapulted into a wild world by some strange spell or portal. In this new scenario, she will have to learn to act and fight to survive, using a series of special powers. The few premises are absolutely interesting, but the question marks are many. The release is scheduled for 2022, but to pass the wait you can read our latest preview on Forspoken.


Announced during the PlayStation 5 unveiling event, Stray disappeared into thin air. We have not received more information, not even some small indiscretions, about this title published by Annapurna Interactive. From the very first trailer shown that we leave you above, we were able to guess its atmosphere and its setting, although it remains unclear what the actual gameplay could be. The style is undoubtedly science fiction with a future setting dominated by technology and in which robots have taken over. The only element a bit "out of place" in the trailer was the cat, who wanders undisturbed among the robots and who will be the protagonist of this new adventure. We have few details, with the developers promising a good mix between more hectic moments and puzzles to solve. However, a new presentation of the game is not far off, as Stray will be present on July 29th in a streaming event organized by Annapurna (and which, of course, we will follow on our Twitch channel)

Goodbye Volcano High

On the debut of PlayStation 5, the development studio KO_OP let us savor a few minutes of its next creation for PS4 and PS5. We are talking about Goodbye Volcano High a narrative adventure in which we will play the role of the young dinosaur Fang struggling with the unique experiences lived during high school. Will we be able to grow our band, finish school and finally find love? As you can see from the trailer at the beginning of the paragraph, it is a game with a particular style. We haven't received any further information regarding this indie game since the PlayStation 5 unveiling event and we don't know when it might be unveiled in the future. Who knows we won't know more at Gamescom in August.

JETT: The Far Shore

Following the rather cryptic announcement a year ago, Superbrothers has finally revealed a few more details on JETT: The Far Shore. In fact, in Sony's recent State of Play, a new trailer for the game was presented, in which the author of the acclaimed Sword & Sworcery tells the dynamics of gameplay and the atmosphere of the world. JETT: The Far Shore is a science fiction video game in which you will have to explore a planet in search of a future for your people. A journey that, piloting a spaceship, will lead us to explore environments that vaguely resemble those of No Man's Sky, flying right across the ocean or trying to avoid the aggressive creatures that populate the planet. The story will instead be carried on by the dialogues of the characters and some interludes in which the protagonist explorer leaves her ship and visits some places on foot.

Little Devil Inside

In the list of "what happened to them?" Little Devil Inside also ends up there, a game that at launch conquered many for its style and quantity of content, but which - despite being scheduled for this summer - has disappeared a bit from the radar. With the aim of helping a professor in his research on paranormal activities, we will have to explore fantastic scenarios and fight bizarre monsters. Net of some criticisms that have led the development team to change the design of particular characters, Little Devil Inside has remained in the minds of many fans who can't wait to find out a little more, especially on the release date. which, we hope, will be revealed very soon.


The last mysterious video game present at the PlayStation 5 presentation event was Pragmata, a title made by Capcom and whose trailer recalled to more than someone the same sensations experienced with the first glances given to Death Stranding. The developers have described it as "an unforgettable adventure, enhanced by the hardware of the new generation of consoles", rather smoky words that leave no clue as to what to expect from one of the most intriguing and mysterious projects currently in development for PS5 . Of all the games presented, however, it is the one that will probably keep us waiting the most, as it is currently scheduled for 2023.

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