Twitter is testing a notification to alert suspended or blocked accounts

Twitter is testing a notification to alert suspended or blocked accounts

Many users realize that they have been suspended or are in read-only mode only after trying to tweet or follow new accounts: but soon everything will change

(photo: Unsplash) While trying to renew itself, introducing new features, Twitter is also trying to do more with regards to the transparency of its guidelines. The social network is in fact testing a new way to inform people that their account has been suspended or blocked - and therefore put into read-only mode - for breaking its rules.

A still small group of users will see a banner appear at the top of the timeline - from both web and smartphone - informing them that they cannot tweet, retweet or like content due to their previous behavior on the platform.

Knowing where your account stands is important. We're testing a new way of letting you know - right when you log in.

If your account is locked or suspended, some of you will start seeing a banner making that clear.

- Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) July 27, 2021

The company is testing this feature after receiving feedback from users who realized they were suspended or blocked and in read-only mode only after attempting to tweet or follow new accounts, a Twitter spokesperson told The Verge.

New alerts tell users about the status of their account and provide some additional guidance for those who are blocked or suspended. If a person has been permanently suspended, she can file an appeal, based on a notice. If, on the other hand, an account has been blocked, the warning indicates that most accounts get full access again within a week.

In the second half of 2020, the company removed more offensive content than ever thanks to more effective automated moderation tools and anti-hate speech policies.

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