Silent Hill: Norman Reedus posts disturbing video with Robbie the Rabbit

Silent Hill: Norman Reedus posts disturbing video with Robbie the Rabbit

Silent Hill

Actor Norman Reedus would actually have been the main actor in Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills - before a dispute between Konami and the game director caused the horror title to end. In the past there have been rumors that maybe something will come of the game again, but so far nothing has been officially confirmed. Allegedly, other studios are now working on the famous Konami brand.

The leading actor from Death Stranding has now published a very disturbing video on Instagram that shows Norman Reedus alongside Robbie the Rabbit from Silent Hill 3. There are also extremely flashing lights and fast movements. Why exactly the actor shared this strange work is of course unclear so far. Reedus only wrote "G'Nite" in the description of the post. For some fans of Silent Hill, however, the video made another topic of conversation.

Warning: Epilepsy warning - the clip could be dangerous for some readers.

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Silent Hill: Original composer suggests continuation of the series

Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka revealed in an interview that has now been deleted that he was involved in a much anticipated project. PSV PSP 3

Silent Hill: almost became a DSi game

The popular Silent Hill games are available for numerous platforms, including offshoots for Sony's portable platform, PlayStation Vita. WayForward Technologies has now announced that there was almost a game for the Nintendo DSi. 1

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - New movie trailer for video game adaptation released

Concorde Film and Konami have released a new trailer for the upcoming movie Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. You can find the clip directly below the message. In this country, the film will start on November 29, 2012. What do you think - can Silent Hill: Revelation 3D keep up with its successful predecessor? var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1376761,1366417,1092463,1031624'; In the Reddit forum, however, it is slowly giving the impression that even fans of the horror series have had enough of the constant rumors about the franchise. Norman Reedus' video probably has nothing to do with a new Silent Hill project. The partnership between Bloober Team (Layers of Fear, The Medium) and Konami was recently brought to the center of a possible Silent Hill game. But nothing is confirmed. Abandoned also sparked conspiracy theories about Silent Hills and Kojima last month.

Norman Reedus posts disturbing selfie with Silent Hill 3 bunny

Silent Hills still keeps people awake at night, and for good reason: the cancelled survival horror was to be directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro, it was to star Norman Reedus, and its playable demo P.T. was so terrifying it has spawned hordes of clones. When Kojima departed Konami in 2015, the latter said that it will 'continue to develop the Silent Hill series,' but there's been no further word since.

Fast forward to 2021 and Silent Hill is everywhere. Konami is reportedly planning two new Silent Hill games, and The Medium studio Bloober Team is believed to be one of them—a belief Bloober Team hasn't ruled out. Bloober Team entered a 'strategic co-operation agreement' with Konami earlier this year.

Konami's rumoured Silent Hill games may not have anything to do with the cancelled Silent Hills, but a new Instagram post by Norman Reedus has fans speculating again, poor souls. It depicts Reedus wearing a skeleton onesie next to Robbie the Rabbit, the terrifying mascot for Silent Hill 3's Lakeside Amusement Park. The short looping video is warped and obscured by harshly strobing light.

Big warning: the short video below has rapidly flashing lights and may be dangerous for some readers. 

Whether Silent Hills exists or not at the moment is anyone's guess, but Reedus at least doesn't want us to forget about it, or else really loves that effed up bunny. The Silent Hill subreddit is almost exhausted by the whole affair. 'What is actually happening anymore,' one user writes. Another, simply, 'no.'

As an aside, people still think Abandoned is a secret Kojima project, or at least something Kojima is working on. Studio Blue Box Games has denied it, but frankly, their most recent tweet isn't doing them any favours. 

To clarify, that blurry face in the background looks a lot like Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid

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