Instagram will make the accounts of minors under 16 private by default

Instagram will make the accounts of minors under 16 private by default

The ability to make their profile public will be available, but anyone under the age of 16 will receive a notification encouraging them to go private

(photo: Unsplash) Instagram will increase security for most young people on its platform. From now on, any user under the age of 16 in the world who signs up to the social network will have their own private account by default.

Those who subscribe to Instagram can choose whether to set their account as public or private. The platform claims that its research found that 8 out of 10 young people selected the "private" option during installation and for this reason it decided to make the profiles of the youngest ones private by default.

It will be however available the possibility to make your profile public. Anyone under this age and with a public account will, however, receive a notification encouraging them to switch to private - an option introduced in March.

Photo: via Instagram However, this is not the only update announced from the app. Instagram has also promised to reduce unwanted contacts from adults, such as those that have already been blocked or reported by other teenagers.

These suspicious users will be virtually separated from users under the age of 16. They will not be shown their accounts under the age of 16 on the Explore, Reels or Accounts suggested for you pages, they will not see comments from users under the age of 16 on the posts of others, nor will they be able to comment on the content of users under this age.

It will also change the way advertisers can reach teens with their ads. They will be able to target users under the age of 18 only based on their age, gender and location, and not on their interests and other parameters (in Europe this was already the case thanks to the 2016 GDPR). This applies to users on Instagram, Messenger and Facebook.

In addition to trying to make Instagram safer and more private for teens, Facebook is still working on developing an app for children under 13, the minimum age to join the platform.

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