Teufel Cinebar One 2021 | Review

Teufel Cinebar One 2021 | Review

The world of soundbars has experienced a notable sales boom in recent times. The models available are now many and all more or less with the same characteristics and dimensions, which could not always satisfy everyone's needs, especially as regards the space available. To meet these needs, Teufel offers a compact soundbar model that can be positioned anywhere without major problems. We are talking about Cinebar One, so let's see the characteristics of this product and how it behaves in daily use.

Before starting with the product analysis we remind you that Teufel is a German company active since 1979 and which makes quality its distinctive mark. From the end of 2020 it is also present in Italy with its products dedicated to home cinema with surround systems and sound bars and to high quality audio with speakers, stereo systems, radios and headphones.

Design and package contents

Surely the dimensions are the aspect that catches the eye when observing the Cinebar One by Teufel. In fact, we are talking about a compact soundbar that occupies only 35 cm in width, 6.8 cm in height and 11.3 cm in depth for a weight of just over a kilogram, therefore ideal for being placed anywhere, on small furniture and even connected to a computer.

From an aesthetic point of view, the design is sober with clear and geometric lines, nothing particularly satisfying but which is well suited to any situation. Unlike other soundbars, the shape is slightly irregular, so not the usual parallelepiped, in fact it has a more accentuated area in the back that houses the Bass Reflex system and the whole area of ​​inputs and outputs for the cables. The plastics with which the soundbar is assembled are of excellent quality, without imperfections or strange creaks and on the front we find only the Teufel logo in the center of the speaker area. There are no buttons in relief but in the upper part there are touch buttons for the main functions.

In the very minimal package, in addition to the soundbar, we find the power cable, the remote control with batteries included and the too much concise instruction manual. Unfortunately no other connection cables are included.

Specifications and connections

Technical specifications

Soundbar: 350 x 68 x 113 mm (WxHxD) | 1.01 kg Drivers: four 50mm drivers on the soundbar + Bass Reflex system on the back Bluetooth version: 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX Response: Dolby Digital 2.0 / 5.1, Dynamore Ultra Connections: AUX, 3.5mm jack, HDMI ARC CEC, optical input , USB 2.1 (integrated sound card) Despite being compact the Cinebar One features a top-notch spec sheet with some interesting goodies. First of all, it has 4 50mm drivers, two of which are placed on the side to increase the surround effect without the need for a dedicated system. Added to this is the Bass Reflex system which through an opening on the back on the right side allows more powerful and deeper bass without the need for a larger housing. In addition, the Dynamore Ultra system, specifically developed by Teufel, thanks to the use of side speakers further amplifies the surround effect.

As for connections, nothing is missing. We therefore have both the optical input and the HDMI ARC CEC, which allows direct connection with the TV and volume control with a single remote control. A plus is the presence of an internal sound card with USB 2.1 input that allows a comfortable and fast use even with PC and Mac for video games, videos, home office or music streaming.

Audio quality test

Moving on to the field test we were amazed at the audio quality of this small soundbar. The Cinebar One does not look bad in front of larger products and in some fields it excels particularly. The areas in which he has left us most satisfied are speech and music. On the first Teufel he obviously worked very well and when watching contents the speech is always clear and crystalline even in the most excited moments and in which the Dynamore Ultra gives its best to obtain a decent quality surround. Even the bass, with the Bass Reflex system, make it quite well but if you are not satisfied you can always opt for the superior model, the Cinebar One +, also equipped with a separate subwoofer, or by combining the T 6 Subwoofer.

Movies and TV series

While watching movies and TV series, the Cinebar One performs very well, greatly improving the audio experience of the normal speakers present on most of today's Smart TVs, increasing volume, sound body and clarity of voices. This, combined with the little space needed to place it, are certainly points in favor to evaluate the purchase.

PC and gaming

As previously mentioned, thanks to its compact size and presence of an internal USB sound card, the Cinebar One is perfect to be used also connected to a PC or a MAC. In this context, we tried streaming some content, music playback and some gaming sessions. In all these areas the soundbar performs quite well by converting the flat sound of a laptop or monitor into an overwhelming sound. The touch keys on the top are particularly comfortable for PC use.


Teufel Cinebar One, in this 2021 version, is an excellent solution for those looking for of a compact soundbar that allows use in multiple situations while maintaining good sound performance. If you have little space, or you need to often move the soundbar from one location to another, this is probably the best solution you can buy today, also considering the extreme quality of the product and the sound returned. The price of € 299.99 could perhaps make you turn up your nose, even in comparison to other solutions that for the same amount or less also include the subwoofer, but we are talking about products of different sizes and with an often lower sound performance. If the characteristics of this soundbar are within your needs, then we do not hesitate to recommend your purchase.

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