All you need to know about the 50 and 100 euro TV bonuses

All you need to know about the 50 and 100 euro TV bonuses

The forms to be submitted, the requirements to be met, the possibility of accumulating aids and tests to verify the age of your television: here are the answers from Wired

Television (Photo by Mohamed Hassan / Pixabay) The decree implementation of the TV bonus was signed by the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti. The process that now awaits the document, also signed by the Minister of Economy and Finance, is registration in the Court of Auditors and then publication in the Official Journal. Fifteen days later it will be possible to request the new bonus, which is added to the 50 euro bonus for families with Isee less than 20 thousand euro, launched with the decree of 18 October 2019. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on how to take advantage of the two TV bonuses.

Why is it necessary to change TV?

The revolution of fifth generation networks requires a reordering of radio frequencies that involves the electromagnetic spectrum currently used by television, narrowing it. This entails the need to ensure devices that are sufficiently up-to-date at the technological level, capable of receiving the second generation transmission standard Dvb-T2 (H-265 or Hevc encoding). Secondly, the televisions will have to encode the image format Mpeg4 (no longer Mpeg2), which is optimized and capable of making only high definition (HD) channels visible.

When the transition to the new TV takes place digital?

The Mpeg4 encoding will come into effect starting from September 1st, when the progressive re-tuning for geographical areas will start. The transition to the DVB-T2 system will take place in almost a year, on 21-30 June 2022.

How to check if your TV is ready for the new TV standards?

It is possible to carry out empirical and documentary evidence. For the first change, for example, just try to see channels 501 (Raiuno Hd), 505 (Canale 5 Hd) and 507 (La7 Hd): if at least one is visible, the television is ready for Mpeg4. In addition, it is possible to check if the receiver is ready for the second evolutionary step (Dvb-T2) by displaying the test channels 100 and 200: if the message "Test Hevc Main10" appears, the device is compatible with the new standard.

In any case, the technical specification should be specified in the equipment manual, bearing in mind that since December 22, 2018, retailers have been obliged to sell DVB-T2 televisions with Hevc Main 10 encoding. Minister of Economic Development (Mise) has prepared a list of equipment suitable for purchase, which can also be used in reverse to check if the one in possession is suitable.

The 100 euro TV bonus for can all be combined with the 50 euro one for Isee less than 20 thousand euro?

Yes, if all conditions are met.

What are the conditions for the € 50 TV bonus?

Family Isee value of less than 20 thousand euros. To get the new generation TV or decoder bonus, you must fill out the form provided by Mise, presenting it to the participating shop. If the product to be purchased costs less, the bonus will cover the entire expense. Only one contribution per family is recognized. A copy of a valid identity document and tax code must be presented together with the application. The bonus will be available until December 31, 2022 or when resources run out.

What are the conditions of the 100 euro TV scrapping bonus?

The bonus consists of a 20% discount on the purchase of the new TV, for a maximum value of 100 euros. The requirements for access are three: scrapping an obsolete television, being up-to-date with the payment of the Rai TV fee and being resident in Italy. The device can be delivered to the participating shop, which will take care of the disposal. Alternatively, the customer can go in person to an authorized landfill, receiving a form certifying the scrapping and the regularity of the payment of the Rai fee, and then go to the shop with the document.

Does the 100 euro TV bonus for everyone also apply to buying a decoder?

Since it is necessary to get rid of an old television to obtain the discount, the Ministry of Economic Development has not mentioned this possibility in its communications. Instead, he explains that "scrapping can be carried out when the new TV is purchased", and that the aim of the bonus is "to encourage the replacement of TV sets that will no longer be suitable for the new standards", also to ensure proper disposal, promoting environmental protection and the circular economy. It also refers to checking the “lists of suitable equipment following the information and procedures indicated on the website” of the new digital TV.

Where is the regularity of the payment of the TV fee verified?

The Rai fee is included in the electricity bill starting from 2016, the latest document should therefore certify the regularity of payments.

How does the retailer recover the discount made?

So far, the mechanism adopted to correctly disburse the 50 euro bonus requires the participating retailer to send all the data required by the transaction via the electronic service of the Revenue Agency. Once the information has been certified, the institution will send back a certificate of the discount made, which can be collected in the same amount, starting from two subsequent working days, using the F24 form or recognized with compensation in the tax return. The tax credit is also provided in the case of the 100 euro bonus. It can also be used to compensate for the payment of Inps contributions.

What to do in the case of a user with disability or who cannot go to the shop?

If the user entitled to the bonus has a disability recognized in accordance with Law 104/92, the reduced VAT at 4% can be applied, because the incentive is applied to the sales price including VAT. Furthermore, it is possible to send a trusted person to the store with written proxy, attaching a copy of the identity documents of both the actual customer and the person requesting the facility.

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