The Panini Marvel and Panini Comics releases on 8 July 2021

The Panini Marvel and Panini Comics releases on 8 July 2021

Through the publisher's official website, the Panini Marvel and Panini Comics releases of July 8, 2021 were announced. A week dedicated to staples at Marvel while Panini Comics to report the eighth volume of the Asterix Collection.

Here are the detailed releases of this week!

Panini Marvel releases and Panini Comics of 8 July 2021

The Panini Marvel releases of 8 July 2021

Amazing Spider-Man 65 (Spider-Man 774)

Authors: Federico Vincentini, Nick Spencer, Patrick Gleason

17 × 26, S., 56 pages, color, € 6

Contains: Amazing Spider-Man (2018) # 62/63

Continue the search for the fragments of the Tablet of the line of life! Spider-Man (in the new costume) and Boomerang against everyone (or almost)! Someone then discovers that Randy Robertson and the Beetle are dating, and is not happy at all! Here begins the saga Ransom as a king, with drawings by the artist of Falcon & Winter Soldier!

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Avengers 33 (Avengers 137)

Authors: Luca Maresca, Jason Aaron, Javier Garron

17 × 26, S., 48 pages, color, € 5

Contains: Avengers (2018) # 44/45

"Now I am the Phoenix!" The explosive conclusion of the tournament between the greatest Marvel heroes and villains to decree who will be the new Phoenix. And the winner won't be who you expect them to be! In addition, the Avengers led by Blade join the battle against Knull in King in Black!

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Captain America 32 (Captain America 136)

Authors: Leonard Kirk, Ta-Nehisi Coates

17 × 26, S., 24 pages, color, € 3

Contains: Captain America (2018) # 28

Captain America has been cleared of the murder charge. However, the tension remains very high, and the Sentinel of Liberty has been cornered by the Red Skull. There is now panic on the streets, and Steve Rogers’s reputation is still in question. One of the most overtly political cycles of Marvel's Discobolus continues!

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Fantastic Four 32

Authors: R.B. Silva, Dan Slott

17 × 26, S., 24 pages, color, € 3

Contains: Fantastic Four (2018) # 31

The moment that Reed Richards he's been waiting for has arrived: he can finally use the Eternal Portal to explore realms where no one has ever been before! And he will need his best friend and expert pilot: Ben Grimm! Two members of the Fantastic Four venture into the great unknown ... but manage to survive in imaginary space.

The Immortal Hulk 39

Authors: Al Ewing, Joe Bennett

17 × 26, S., 24 pages, color, € 3

Contains: Immortal Hulk (2018) # 44

In New York, the U-Foes fight against an exhausted Hulk… and with a weapon that could kill him forever! In New Mexico, the new Sasquatch faces someone scarier than him. Something very strange is happening to Jacqueline McGee. And from above, Henry Peter Gyrich observes…

The Incredibles X-Men 31

Authors: Chris Claremont, John Romita Jr, Barry Windsor-Smith

16 × 21 , B., 96 pages, color, € 4.90

Contains: Uncanny X-Men (1963) # 184/186

Vitamorte, the masterpiece of Chris Claremont and Barry Windsor-Smith! A tragic accident deprived Tempesta of her of her powers ... and the inventor Forge decided to help her: but what is her secret Also: the return of Selene and the attack by the American government on the mutants!

Iron Man 8 (Iron Man 97)

Authors: Cafu, Christopher Cantwell

17 × 26, S., 24 pages, color, € 3

Contains: Iron Man (2020) # 8

Iron Man has ended up somewhere in space… Who are the mysterious characters met by the Golden Avenger? Korvac's threat looms, and Tony's allies are about to be hit. The situation is in the hands of Hellcat, who will have to dig into her mind to reactivate powers she believed lost!

Hereos Reborn 1 (Marvel Miniseries 247)

Authors: Jason Aaron, Ed McGuinness

17 × 26, S., 40 pages, color, € 5

Contains: Heroes Reborn (2021) # 1

Welcome to a world without Avengers, where Tony Stark has never built armor, Thor is an alcoholic atheist, Wakanda is believed to be lonely a myth and Captain America is still in animation suspended in the ice because it has never been found. But to stand up against evil are the Mightiest Heroes on Earth: the Supreme Squadron of America! What really happened? Is it possible that no one remembers how things should be? The new big Marvel event starts here!

Miles Morales: Spider-Man 15

Authors: Carmen Carnero, Natacha Bustos, Saladin Ahmed

17 × 26, S., 64 pages, color, € 5

Contains: Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2019) # 24/25

The saga of the Miles Morales clone begins here! But first, our hero and Ms. Marvel will meet (in plain clothes!) Following the events of King in Black. Plus, a bonus story with Bumbler's entry into the scene! A special issue to celebrate the first twenty-five releases of the original series!

Thor 14 (Thor 267)

17 × 26, S., 24 pages, color, € 3

Contains: Thor (2020) # 14

The incredible conclusion of the Preda saga. The time has come for a showdown between Thor and Donald Blake! Odin, Loki and all the Asgardians come together to fight the former good doctor ... and the result will not be what you imagine at all!

X-Men 18

Authors: Jonathan Hickman, Mahmud Asrar

17 × 26, S., 56 pages, color, € 6

Contains : X-Men (2019) # 18/19

Darwin, Synch and Laura “Wolverine” Kinney: they have been at the Sons of the Crypt base for some months and we haven't heard from them again. And if only a few months have passed in the world, perhaps a few centuries have passed in the Crypt. Will the three mutants still be alive? And, if so, how much will they have changed? Two thrilling stories… that will leave their mark!

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Panini Comics releases of 8 July 2021

Star Wars 5 (Star Wars 73)

Authors: Jesus Saiz, Raffaele Ienco, Charles Soule, Greg Pak

17 × 26, S., 48 pages, color, € 5

Contains: Star Wars (2020) # 5, Darth Vader (2020) # 5

Following a vision of the Force, Luke Skywalker will travel to a lost planet to find a woman he believes may be the key to his future as a Jedi Knight. The search for revenge, on the other hand, will bring Darth Vader to Polis Massa, the place where his son was born!

Asterix and the Tour of Gaul (Asterix Collection 8)

Authors: René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo

21.8 × 28.7, B., 48 pages, color, € 6.90

Contains: Le tour de Gaule d'Astérix

New adventure for our beloved Gauls, who once again will have to make those mad Romans understand that they cannot defeat them or ... lock them up with a palisade! In this volume of the famous series of the masters of the déssinée bands René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, Asterix and Obelix will accompany us on a real tour of the whole of Gaul, also taking advantage of the typical culinary specialties. And if that wasn't enough, this is the book in which Idefix appears for the first time, destined to become Obelix's faithful four-legged companion.

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