TikTok announces new features for live broadcasts

TikTok announces new features for live broadcasts

From today there is the possibility to go live with others, host questions and answers, use moderators and improved keyword filters

(photo: Noha Seelam / Afp via Getty Images) TikTok announced that it has added several new options to its live video section which currently allows creators to live stream by answering viewers' comments and questions and accepting virtual gifts.

Now this experience will be enriched with other features such as the possibility to go live with others, host questions and answers, use improved moderators and keyword filters. For viewers, TikTok has also added new discovery and viewing tools.

TikTok users will then be able to continue watching live video on their device in Picture-in-Picture mode on iOS and Android, so they can follow their favorite creators even while they are doing something else.

According to TikTok "live streaming has become a fundamental way for creators and viewers to connect in an authentic way" and in the last year "the number of people who going live and watching live has doubled ”according to the platform, but it did not provide precise metrics.

Live Events is a new tool that allows creators to schedule, manage and promote live video. While viewers can easily discover, register, receive notifications and receive a reminder when the live is about to start.

After the event has been scheduled, creators can share it via in-app messages, promote it with a TikTok video using a countdown sticker or promote it outside the app. The ability to go live with another creator is available worldwide while TikTok is already testing multiple-person lives in select regions. Instagram this year launched the ability for creators to go live with up to four others.

The keyword filter tool, which blocks words creators don't want from appearing in their chats , has been expanded to support up to 200 terms.

In the coming weeks, TikTok will also introduce a way for hosts and moderators to temporarily disable viewers and remove comments. Viewers will also be asked to reconsider their comments during the live if the system detects that they are about to post something potentially harmful or offensive.

TikTok's Live platform is only open to users over the age of 16 and regularly removes those the system detects as minors.

TikTok recently became the first non-Facebook app to reach 3 billion downloads worldwide, despite being banned in India. The decision to introduce changes in the length of the videos and the decision to focus on live broadcasts are part of a process of further growth of the platform.

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