Pokémon Unite: guide to roles, how to play them and which one to choose

Pokémon Unite: guide to roles, how to play them and which one to choose

Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is a MOBA that is played a little differently from the others. The goal, in fact, is to score points, not to annihilate the opposing team and destroy its base. For this reason we have thought of a guide explaining the roles in which the pokémon have been divided, how to play them and which to choose.

First of all we underline the name change: these are roles to be interpreted, not classes in the which ones to make the character type fall back on. The roles are:

Attackers Handyman Sprinter Support Defense

The roles of Pokémon Unite The name of each of these roles is quite explanatory and indicates the task to be fulfilled within the team. Obviously a well-built and balanced team should have a better chance of winning a match, but like all MOBAs it will depend on the way each player plays his role and the synergies created.


Pikachu Attackers are those pokémon designed to score points. They are usually quite fast and with a very high attack value, thanks to which they quickly eliminate wild pokémon and accumulate Aeos energy.

Their main feature, however, is that they can score a goal in a few seconds , even those that are worth more. For this reason, their role is to collect the largest number of energy balls for the map and find a way to score, perhaps getting involved as little as possible in the discounts that could cause them to lose their precious loot.

For this reason we recommend the use of objects that protect during the signing and improve the attack speed.


Charizard is a Handyman pokémon Handyman are, of course, pokémon suitable for more or less everything. They are strong enough to pose a threat to other players, and equally robust to withstand a few attacks. They are good at everything, but they do not excel at anything.

Their style of play therefore depends on the inclinations of the player, the composition of the team and the progress of the match. Do you need a defender or an attacker? Are there any Pokémon that can stun opponents? Based on the progress of the race, a good all-rounder should be able to select the right moves to complete the team, as well as read the game to intervene where required.


Zeraora Joined Pokémon Sprinters are very mobile pokemon with a powerful attack, perfect for hit and run raids.

They are the pokémon that are usually upgraded quickly within the central part of the map and that have enough mobility to move over or below in order to help their teammates by finishing off their opponents quickly.

Their stamina is usually low, so prolonged fights are not their forte and they will have to run away once they finish their moves while waiting for them to reload.

They are pretty good at scoring goals, while their moves hardly create any advantages for others. You should therefore specialize them in doing maximum damage and in mobility and playing to make sure you level up as fast as possible.


Pokémon Unite supports Support Pokémon are units that score low, don't do much damage, and are usually quite slow.

To their advantage, however, they have several moves that could enhance for teammates' performance, or hinder those of others. They are moves that interrupt or slow down the movements of others, heal teammates, or create barriers and obstacles that prevent escape.

Although their impact is not direct on the final score, good support is often what the difference between victory and defeat, thanks to its ability to influence the pace and flow of the game.


Snorlax in Pokémon Unite The Defenders, while still resembling the classic MOBA tanks , are characters who should stay behind to defend their "basket".

Difficult to take down, usually rather slow and with many moves designed to interrupt the opponent's movements, the defenders should represent the defensive bulwark of a team, those who in one way or another prevent enemies from signaling quietly.

Partly for their ability to not score, partly for their stamina which could allow comrades to join the com beat, defenders are a thorn in your side for any attack and if they specialize in stamina and debuff they can severely limit enemy scoring.

Have you noticed any mistakes?

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