The gamer who completed Dark Souls 3 using a pizza as a controller

The gamer who completed Dark Souls 3 using a pizza as a controller

To regain some vital energy, you just had to eat a slice

(Photo: Super Louis 64) Despite being out for five years now, Dark Souls 3 remains one of the most popular games on all platforms and is also theater of continuous attempts at speedrun and challenges to the limit of the impossible. The latest in chronological order is among the most curious: a gamer managed to complete the game using a pizza as a controller.

The protagonist of this story is Super Louis 64, a video game developer already known for extreme videogame challenges, which launched into an adventure never attempted before. How is it possible to control a character on the display by manipulating a pizza? No magic, just use the well known Makey Makey Board kit which can turn any object into an input source.

At a cost of around 58 euros, Makey Makey Board comes as a minimalist controller-shaped plate with a series of cables ending in small pliers: hooking them to the objects chosen as input, just touch them to simulate the pressure of a key. There is no limit to the imagination with this instrument and so Super Louis 64 has decided well to combine his two great passions, precisely pizza and video games. Other than “Don't play with food”.

Happy Friday! 🍕

We turned a wholesome box of Pizza into a controller for Dark Souls. I turned Plug-n-Play into Plug-n-Eat.

It also works on the PS5 but calling it "Pizza-Sense" didn't roll of the tongue as well!

9/10 would pizza again. I hope I made @pizzahutgaming proud 😆!

- Super Louis 64 (@ SuperLouis_64) July 23, 2021

He thus ordered a pizza, cut it into various slices which he then placed on the desk and connected the cables and pliers, simulating a sort of large and tasty tactile controller to move, jump, dodge blows and attack. And to recover vital energy? Here's the touch of genius: not a tap, when a nice bite of a slice with the character on the display picking up the command and drinking potions (Estus's flasks). Between tomato sauce, cheese and sausage, the good Super Louis 64 managed to complete the game by defeating the various bosses.

Speaking of Dark Souls 3, here's our review at launch.

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